Top 5 things to get your daughter for her 18th birthday


If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably been thinking for a while what to get your daughter for her 18th birthday, and you’re struggling. Chances are, she already has a lot of things she wants from previous birthdays such as jewelry and perfume, the classics. But if you really want to treat her then it’s time to start thinking outside the box, and we’ve got some unique ideas for you.

  1.  A Car

Now this present really does scream special. If your daughter has recently passed her driving test then what better way to congratulate her than with a car. If she is currently doing lessons, this could be just the push she needs to work harder when it comes to passing the test. Although this does seem like an expensive present, you can make It as inexpensive as you’d like. Instead of opting for a brand-new car, keep an eye out for a well-running used car. If you’re no car expert then draft in the help of a friend to ensure you get a good quality car at the best price.

  1. Personalized Number Plate

Now that she’s got the car, your daughter needs a way of making it her own, and what better way to personalize a vehicle than with a private number plate? It doesn’t matter if the car is on finance or has been leased, you can still have a private plate placed onto the vehicle. If you’re surprising her with a brand-new car and private plate, be sure to contact the car company first so that you can have the plate fitted onto the car. Companies such as buy and sell used private number plates, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you want there.

  1. Television

Now she’s older your daughter is probably wanting a little more privacy. If she still lives at home and wants a place to relax on her own then getting a television for a room will allow your daughter to have a little me time. Or, if she’s decided to take the plunge and move out, a television is a great house moving gift that will save her a big expense. Make sure you look around for the best TV deals and speak to a professional about which specifications will meet her needs best.

  1. Designer Watch

Want something to remind her of the special day? A designer watch will be an everyday sign to help her remember how magical you made her 18th birthday. Every girl wants a nice watch but usually cannot afford to buy one themselves, making it the perfect gift. There are thousands of watch brands out there such as Michael Kors, Omega and Cartier. Not sure which one she’ll like? Take your daughter with you to choose the perfect one, that way you can be sure that she’ll love the design, making it even more special.

  1. Handmade Photo Album

If you want to get your daughter a really meaningful present then you don’t have to splash the cash, instead make something for her that has come from the heart. A handmade scrapbook or photo album is the ultimate gift to remind her of all the wonderful memories she has had leading up to this special day. Ask her friends and other family members if they have photos that come be used in the album so that she has as many people as possible in it. Plus, make sure to leave some space at the back where your daughter can add photos of memories she will make in the future.

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