Formal Shoes for Men: The Types You Should Know About


It is the responsibility of a man to groom the overall look, irrespective of the occasion. Whether you are heading out to your office, running any simple errands, or interested in spending a beautiful weekend with the office colleagues, you need to understand that shoes are going to represent the personality. Therefore, you need to be extremely wise when you are choosing your formal shoes. You might not know but your shoes are going to reflect on how you are as a person. Before anything else, it is crucial that you have proper knowledge about the kind of formal shoes that are there in the market. According to, the sales of formal shoes grew almost 27%.

Given below is a list of the exclusive formal shoes that men can buy, irrespective of the occasion.


Oxfords are the plain shoes, which are made up of leather and have closed construction of lace, and are known to spot a low hill. Because of the system of closed lacing that they have, Oxfords are considered to be the winners when the formal shoes of men are being considered. The eyelets of the shoelace are normally sewn just under the vamp, which is responsible for contributing to the professional construction and look of the shoes. Smooth marks of leather are considered to be the spine of the Oxford shoes. You can wear Oxford at any formal event. Apart from that, it is also the ideal choice for a number of important occasions.


Derby’s are known to make the second most significant shoes when you are considering the formal shoes for men. They have systems of open lacing, which is going to make the lacing construction a lot more relaxed in comparison to the Oxfords. The manner in which a pair of Derby’s is stitched is completely opposite to the Oxfords because the eyelets are normally stitched right on the vamp’s top. For men who think that formal shoes only look good with the formal attire, you definitely need to pair your Derby’s with casual and simple looks. It is ideally worn with dresses that are not completely formal. You can also pair them with chinos and jeans. This is definitely the best pair of shoes for men.


This kind of shoe is capable of balancing the rough look with the decorated patterns. On the basis of the kinds of construction, the shoes can be full, semi, or quarter brogues, on the basis of the construction pattern. Full brogues have pointed and decorated toe caps with wings, that are extended, semi-brogues have perforations within the center of the toe-caps and right along the cap’s edge. Quarter brogues, on the other hand, have perforations only along the edge of the cap. On the basis of the dress that you are choosing to wear, you can select your brogues.


Boots are quintessential shoes, which each and every woman should definitely have in their closets. Boots can almost go with every dress and make you look handsome and enhance your appearance.


Formal shoes go not only with the formal dresses but they can be ideally paired with other kinds of dresses as well. Know about the types of formal shoes before selecting one for yourself. If you’re ready to purchase your next pair, check out Ariat Two24 leather dress boots.

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