Top 10 Foods for This Spring Season


Spring is back and this is the favorite season of the year when you feel a little bit of warmth coming back too! Spring is one of the most beautiful time of the year when we can watch as everywhere turns green and leafy. While the colorful flowers start blossoming to show us their beauty, the bees are getting back to business to concoct the sweetest of honey from the nectar of these blooming flowers and they are behaving as tiny cupids by flying from plant to plant to start their traditional process of pollination. When spring is back, so is a host of foodie festivals and event that are going to make your taste bud go into a trance.

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For those who are a fan of cooking, we have compiled 10 of the foods that will probably leave you in a state of ecstasy this spring, whereby flavors are going to burst into your mouth with each bite you take. Firstly, we will start with the Toad in a Hole recipe, which is usually flavored with sage, mustard and cider. This is a batter where we can add egg, Cumberland sausages which have been cut in half and sour cream. Following this recipe made us taste the crunchiest and tender Toad in a Hole ever! How about the best of England all shoved inside a bacon, bubble and cheese butty sandwich. This sandwich oozes with roast dinner leftovers, melting cheddar cheese and crispy bacon along wish lashings of mustard and tomato ketchup.

Hearty Hotpot is a spicy bean medley that includes cannellini and kidney beans which is eaten with roasted veg mix, topped with a thin potato slices. Another delicacy is the Roast Leg of Pork which is filled with a sage and apple stuffing. This unique pork dish is one of the country’s favorite, and is served with crispy fried sage leaves. What about the more common Fish and Chips served with a homemade tartar sauce and a squeeze of Lemon? This is definitely got to be a mixture of sweet and sour taste.

You can be health conscious as well with a meal consisting of Egg, ham and chips but no grease!! You just need to use baked potato cubes, carved ham, vine tomatoes and a little bit of smoked paprika. If you plan on going out, then you can have a Cornish pasty filled with a mixture of goats’ cheese, leek, parsley and Parma ham. The Sussex Pond Pudding is one of the best dessert ever which we should not judge by its’ cover. The most British pudding award goes to Eton Mess with smashed blackberries for a change. Last on our dessert is the last on our list were we have a combination of bread, butter, vanilla, double cream and sultanas.

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