Tips on Creating Attractive Banner Stand Displays for Trade Shows


Did you know that 81% of attendees at trade shows have buying authority? Isn’t this a great reason to invest in banners and visual advertising at such events? Banner stands can be a very effective way to grab the attention of attendees, especially if they are designed and printed well, says New York Banners, a leading provider of banner stands in New York.

Here are some tips on creating appealing banner stand displays for trade shows.

1.     Understanding the Psychology of Colors

Studies have revealed that colors have a significant impact on mood and can even influence decision making. For instance, red increases excitement, while yellow fosters optimism. If you use colors wisely on your retractable banner stands, you will not only garner a lot of attention but might even succeed in turning visitors into buying customers. At the same time, remember to remain consistent with the colors on your logo and company name, to create a lasting impression on the viewer.

2.     Work on the Composition

The arrangement and placement of different elements in a piece of art is called its composition. And, composition has often been called the alpha and omega of advertising. The important parts while deciding on the composition are the rule of thirds, symmetry, negative space and the golden section. This knowledge of composition might be unknown to the people, but most designers use these rules to create masterpieces. A key element of composition is where you place images and your company’s information. An experienced printing service for horizontal & vertical banner display stands can help you with this.

3.     The Magic of Repetition

Repetition of a company’s logo or slogan is an effective way to create brand awareness. However, make sure that you don’t overdo the repetition, since it could exhaust or even repel the viewer. One way to use repetition is through step and repeat or adjustable outdoor banner stands.

4.     Symbolism

Symbolism is a great technique for creating associative bonds for a brand. Through symbolism, brands can give various complex meanings and messages to the audience. For instance, a lion symbolizes strength, energy and power, while a wide road can suggest freedom or search. You can use symbolism for astonishing and impactful retractable banner stands that create a long-lasting impression on the viewer.

5.     Body Language and Direct Gaze

You can’t talk about visual advertising without mentioning body language of the models used in these ads. These nonverbal signs can present a lot of meaning for the audience. For instance, you can create intense emotions by playing with the facial expressions and gestures of the models.

Another popular technique used by advertisers is direct gaze. You might have noticed magazine covers and billboards with models that have a piercing look and seem to look straight into your eyes. This is to show the confidence that they have about the particular brand that they are endorsing.

So, the next time you are designing banners for a trade show, keep the above mentioned points in mind and don’t forget to consult an experienced banner printing service to ensure the best results for your participation in the event.

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Sandra Patterson
4 years ago

You make a great point that the repetition of a company’s logo or slogan can be a great way to create brand awareness. My sister has been wanting to put up banners around her shop in an attempt to get more customers. Maybe I should forward this article to her so that she can have a good idea about how to design it.