How to Design an Attractive Trade Show Booth?


Trade shows remain one of the best channels where people can buy/source new products, interact with companies directly and know about an industry in general. For organizations, it saves both time and money, required for mass publicity; they are able to put a wide range of products before customers in the same place as opposed to approaching them one by one. If you need a company that understands the importance of creating a trade booth that stands out, reach out to GSE AV today.

Experts of custom poster sign and banner printing are helping companies to achieve their business goals in events like these by providing them unique exhibit designs. These displays need to be attractive enough to grab attention and provide information about the companies, so that the right audience comes to your booth, says an expert at Print Banners, a company that is known for its fast turnaround times in poster banner printing.

The design needs to attract prospective buyers as well as other industry players, like suppliers, vendors and investors. The aim is to help companies form business relationships. Do, here are some design tips for companies to create appealing trade show booths.

Use Eye-Catching and Clear Tagline to Attract Booth Traffic

Use concise taglines that people can interpret in few seconds. Many brands make taglines abstract in a bid to sound catchy. The tagline should say what your company is all about. For new brands, the brand name may act secondary to their taglines, which will be effective in making attendees curious about the company. It will also reduce the need of explaining your brand over and over again to new customers; they will be interested in asking other specific questions.

Put the Back Wall to Full Use

Use the back-wall to highlight the product or message that you want to convey the most; it is the focal point of most of the small and mid-sized booths. Consider printing custom poster signs and vinyl banners in large format, which are lightweight and highly customizable. Digital graphics can also be used to include changing images, company logos or even explainer videos. But, keep in mind that they are not so pervasive yet as traditional printed banners; they can be used as extra walls outside to lure customers in. Be careful not to overwhelm the customer; keep it simple. Larger booths will have extra back walls, which could provide customers with extra point of reference.

Do Not Clutter the Space with Unnecessary Messages

Focus on few color schemes, so that the big marketing message doesn’t get lost to the public. People appreciate empty spaces in trade booths; both on the wall and for movement around. Extraneous information should be avoided. Use materials like ‘wood’ here and there, to create a warm atmosphere. It is also necessary to include consistent branding all over the booth area. The brand’s theme should be uniform across all design materials; poster vinyl banners, images, freebies and more.

Industry trade shows run the risk of being repetitive and even boring at times. You can consider including fun contests and giveaways to increase engagement with customers and other attendees.

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