Tips for Hosting a Corporate Business Convention


Being a mother and an ambitious woman is not an incongruous combination. You can have both. When you decide to continue your high-profile career, it doesn’t mean you love your children less or aren’t a great parent. Instead, you are giving your children an incredible role model for them to look up to.

This doesn’t mean long hours will be good for either of you. Thankfully, with the right automation services and tech, you can speed up your daily tasks. Knowing how to mitigate and automate tasks can help you get home on time, even when you have a huge corporate business convention to host. Below are some tips to follow to help you when you need to plan a corporate business convention.

Be Clear in Your Focus

There are a variety of different corporate events, and each one has its merits. Start first by choosing which type of event you will be hosting, and solidify your goals. A few, well-defined goals are much easier to achieve than spreading yourself too thin, so work until you have a solid plan.

What to Organize First

What you will need to organize will depend entirely on the purpose of your convention. If you want to secure new clients, then you will need to have all the tools at your disposal to show them how great of a job you can do. Show guests how you could use portfolio rebalancing services to keep their portfolio optimized and as tax-exempt as possible, for example, and you will have secured a new client.

In short, you will want to organize your catch-points, and the parts of your event that will secure your company’s goals. Do this before you invest any further because only once you get this step right can you then work on finding the right venue and caterer.

Finding the Right Venue

The right venue will need to act as the backdrop of the theme and purpose. If you are celebrating your founder’s retirement the venue should be something lavish, with the purpose of having fun. If you are holding a conference or a trade show, then the venue will need to be larger and more purpose-built. Choose first by ensuring the venue can handle your type of event, then finalize your selection by the one that best supports your artistic vision for it.

The Importance of Catering

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Great food can make or break your event. If your guests love it, their mood will be instantly improved, making them more agreeable to any networking opportunities available. This way, everyone benefits. Finding the right caterer, however, should be done with care. You will want someone that aligns themselves with your company’s values. So, if you are a forward-thinking company that cares about the environment and social responsibility, you will want corporate catering in DC that specializes in organic, locally sourced creations. Give your guests great food and a talking point, and you have provided them with the perfect icebreaker.

Business conventions can bring in a lot of business and recognition to your company. Hosting a successful event, then, is key – especially when you look at the money it costs – and by following this guide, you can both achieve the results you are looking for and get home in time for dinner with the kids.

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