5 Essentials Every Mom Shouldn’t Live Without


Motherhood is one of the most colorful journeys that you can embark on. Despite the monotony sometimes, it can be said that no two days are the same. In order to stay sane and stay connected with yourself, there are some items you should have as well as activities that you should treat yourself to. If you’re a mother, you can probably agree that some days you need pampering or a little alone time. It is possible to have both of these things even if it means having them in less conventional ways. Here are five essentials every mom shouldn’t live without.

A Regular Facial

When you’re a mom, at times the stress gets real. Early mornings, late nights, and several deadlines later, the stress can begin to tell. It can especially begin showing on your exterior on places such as your skin. This could be through things such as bags under your eyes or breakouts. To avoid this, however, you can make it a date to get the best facial at least once a month. If you can’t afford to get one regularly, you can always commit to sticking to your own skincare regime. In addition to doing things like washing your face, exfoliating, and drinking enough water, try using retinol serum, which could help smooth and hydrate your skin.

A Hobby

When you’re a parent, time never seems to be on your side. It can seem like your time is no longer your own and you don’t get the chance to spend time doing the things that you love. However, for the sake of your wellbeing and to retain a part of yourself, it can be nice to find a hobby you enjoy. Some hobbies that moms tend to enjoy are working out to de-stress, gardening, or reading with others through a book club.

Entertainment During Chores

While some people find doing chores therapeutic, others find it to be a daily and daunting necessity. When you have kids, the chores seem to pile up and never end. However, if you’ve got entertainment while doing chores, then you may find doing them becomes something you look forward to. Try getting lights with speakers so that you can play music while washing up as well as add a nice touch to your living room or kitchen space.

Time Out

In as much as motherhood is beautiful, it can also be equally stressful. Sometimes the only way to regain your balance is by taking time out. This isn’t something you should feel guilty about as you aren’t a robot and it’s okay to need a break. Sometimes, you need both a physical and mental break from motherhood, so schedule time in for this at regular intervals. Also, if you have a partner, don’t forget to share some of the mental load with them. In doing so, you should find that a load of motherhood feels lighter and your days are easier.

A Good Diet

Another essential you shouldn’t live without as a mom is a good diet. You need to be sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to get you through each day. It’s advisable that you start your day with a balanced breakfast and throw a few healthy snacks that will give you an energy boost in throughout the day.

The need for self-care as a mom isn’t something that’s exaggerated. You manage so many things on a daily basis that managing your needs as well is necessary if you don’t want to end up burnt out. By including some of the tips mentioned above in your daily or weekly routine, however, you should find that you feel a lot more ready for the challenges each day brings.

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Hannah @ Efficient Mom Life

I love this! I can absolutely relate to every one of these. It’s amazing how good a facial feels…or any self care for that matter. Even getting a massage, manicure or a pedicure once in a while.
While I do chores, I put in my earbuds and turn on a good audiobook or podcast.
And thanks for the reminder that it’s ok to take a time out!