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Often we take our hearing for granted – for most people, we have hearing, and that is as much as we think about it. The thing is, though, just like the saying goes – you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Even just leaving water in your ear for too long can have problems. 

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So what can you do to help yourself and your family take care of your ears?

Music & Loud Noises

Music lovers might not love this news, but loud music and noise can have an impact on our ears. After a night out, or long loud noises, your ears need to be rested for 16 hours. 

When doing loud work or at a place with loud music, you need to take breaks regularly for at least 5 minutes. Ear plugs can now be used that reduce the loudness of the music but still give you the full experience.

You also need to apply similar rules to listening to music through headphones, too, a maximum of 60 minutes at 60% volume

Hearing Tests

Regular hearing tests as you get older are a must; often, children’s doctors will be ready to do regular tests for children. The moment you notice any change in your hearing or balance, it is time to get a hearing check. 

If you already wear a hearing aid, then regular checkups for fitting and testing are essential. But there are some things you can fix at home, like aid feedback troubleshooting, or regular cleaning. 


For lovers of swimming or long soaked in the bath, water is going to trickle into the ears. Once in there, it is a breeding ground for bacteria, and pretty quickly, that will begin to compromise the ear. 

After you get out of the swimming pool or the bath, carefully dry the outer parts of your ear, and then carefully tilt your head and pull your earlobe to help release the rest. 

Stress Levels

You might not realize it, but high-stress levels put a lot of stress on your ears. With increased anxiety, the blood flow and body heat are both impacted. 

Stress can be a contributor to things like tinnitus, which is a noise that can be heard only by the person who has it. If you notice your stress levels rising, do what you can to try and stay calm and collected. 

Cotton Buds

Almost everyone misuses cotton buds, and instead of using them around the outside of the ear, they put them into the ear to clean out wax. 

Ear wax is essential for protecting our eardrum, and when we misuse cotton buds, we force the wax further into the ear canal. 

You can end up with impacted wax or, worse, damage your eardrum. Never use the cotton buds on your children’s ears unless you have been advised to do so. 

And a final tip is that you should keep active as much as possible as it will mean you get a healthy blood flow to your ears; here are some tips to help: These Tips Will Help to Keep your Whole Family Active – Mom Blog Society.  

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