Choosing the Right Supplements: A Brief Guide to Optimal Selection


The body needs 13 essential vitamins to function properly. 

Unfortunately, many people aren’t getting their proper vitamin intake, and it’s affecting their health. If you’re one of those people, you may be experiencing the results of vitamin deficiency in the form of brittle hair and nails, extreme fatigue, or weak bones. 

To combat these issues, people are using supplements for their unique needs. Supplements are an easy, quick way to improve daily health. 

Below is a guide on choosing the right supplements based on your needs. It’s always suggested to do plenty of research before purchasing anything so make sure to keep reading.

Know What You Need

It can be easy to head to a local pharmacy and just start throwing bottles of supplements into the cart. Before doing that, take some time to learn what your body needs. 

As mentioned above, your body needs 13 essential vitamins for good health. These include A, C, D, E, K, and both of the B vitamins- B12 and B6. It also needs niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folate, thiamine, and riboflavin.

On top of these essential vitamins, there are also essential minerals your body needs. Some of these minerals include calcium, potassium, sodium, fluoride, iron, zinc, and more. 

Take time to meet with a doctor or evaluate your diet and health on your own before choosing supplements. Many of us are already getting these vitamins and minerals through what we eat. 

Refer to your Recommended Daily Intake to see what you may need more of. Give this special consideration if you have any dietary restrictions, such as veganism.

Choose Approved Quality Supplements

Choosing health supplements is tricky because they aren’t verified through the FDA. Because of this, some manufacturers have gotten away with pesticides and metals in their supplements. 

There are third-party companies that have taken on the role of testing supplements to keep people safe. USP and NSF, just a couple of these organizations, keep a list of certified products on their website. 

It’s crucial to take a careful look at labels before ingesting the supplements. Do your research on specific brands, and look at the reviews if provided. 

If you’re already taking prescription medicine, double-check to make sure certain supplements won’t interact poorly with your medication. Speak with a health professional first if you have any concerns. 

Choosing quality supplements, such as these supplements, will keep your body safe and healthy. 

Other Things to Keep an Eye Out for on the Label

Beyond looking for certification on a label, there are a handful of other things to keep an eye out for when choosing supplements. 

Look at the ingredients and dosages of a supplement. Avoid a company that ‘fairy dusts’ an ingredient. This means they provided enough of it for it to appear on the label but not enough for it to make an impact. 

Guarantee what you’re buying provides a therapeutic dosage. This is the minimum dosage needed for your body to benefit from the ingredient. 

Speaking of ingredients, look for ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. Otherwise, supplement companies may just be scamming you out of your money. Look for studies that support different ingredients. 

You’ll also want to not only look at the active ingredients on a label but take a look to see what the inactive ingredients are. Search for any warning labels, and be cautious of any brand that doesn’t provide a full list of ingredients.

Address Your Needs

Like we’ve already mentioned, it’s important to choose supplements that fulfill your unique needs. Below you’ll find a quick list of some needs you might be experiencing and what to purchase to help.

Weak Bones and Osteoporosis

If you’re struggling with weak bones or osteoporosis, there are some vitamins to keep an eye out for when selecting supplements. 

Look for supplements containing Vitamin D because this vitamin plays a huge role in calcium absorption. People may naturally increase their Vitamin D levels through eating fatty fish or lounging in the sun, but these methods aren’t always enough. 

Vitamin K helps with bone strength and can naturally be found in leafy greens. If you’re wanting to take supplements containing this vitamin, be cautious if you’re also taking blood thinners. There could be a negative interaction.

Other supplements to keep an eye out for include those containing calcium, boron, and magnesium.

Low Energy Levels 

Do you find yourself constantly yawning? Has the water and morning yoga not helped? Check out a few of the below vitamins to help.

B12 helps your body turn food into energy. It can be found in many animal proteins, but despite eating necessary foods, many people still struggle with a deficiency. Vegans and older adults are at high risk for a B12 deficiency.

Your body might not be carrying adequate levels of oxygen if you’re low on iron. Look for iron supplements if you’re struggling with low energy or anemia.

Other vitamins and supplements you’ll want to look for include creatine and tyrosine.

Unhealthy Skin

Your skin problems may not be because of your skincare routine. You might just be lacking certain vitamins and supplements!

Vitamin A and C are both crucial for healthy skin so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for supplements containing these vitamins. Vitamin A can give protection against sunburn. Vitamin C helps with the skin’s elasticity.

Grab some zinc if you need help healing your skin after an injury. It keeps your cell walls firm, and it aids in UV protection. 

Other vitamins and supplements you can use include Vitamin E and selenium.

Choosing the Right Supplements for Your Daily Routine

Because our body needs so much care and upkeep, it can be overwhelming choosing the right supplements for daily care. Let the guide above give you peace of mind.

Choose supplements containing ingredients that work well, and choose supplements that have been certified for health and safety. Address your own unique needs, and always ask a doctor if you have any questions.

Finding help as a mom isn’t always easy so make sure you check out the rest of the site. You’ll find help in areas such as health, business, and technology.

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