Tips for Buying A Car Seat for Your Newborn


As a new parent, there is only one way to bring your baby home from the hospital, and that’s a car seat.  However, the market is filled with various car seats, baby capsules, and other children restrain that it might be challenging to choose the best car seat for your new family member. It is essential to purchasing a car seat that is not too expensive but with better functionally.

Below are some essential tips to make the search easier and ensure you take your baby in the right car seat. 


  • Scope your car


Before buying a car seat, it is essential to read your car’s manual. Look at the options you have for installing a car seat. A car seat can either be attached using a seat belt or the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system. Before buying, you need to decide which option best suits your vehicle based on how you will install it. If you settle on the LATCH system, ensure you know how to install it in your vehicle. You should also ensure you measure your backseat to know how much room you have available for a car seat. A car seat with a broad base is not suitable for a small car; thus, you should opt for a narrower base. 


  • Choose a convertible car seat that’ll grow with your child


It would help if you did not have to invest in a seat every two years. There are only two kinds of seats for newborns, i.e., a rear-facing infant seat or a convertible seat. When buying a car seat, you should opt for a convertible maxi cosi car seat that will last through toddlerhood. A convertible car seat faces the car’s rare at first and can be later turned to face the front. It will save you money and ensure safety for your child.


  • Consider a car seat stroller if you are on a tight budget 


If you are trying to save money, you should consider buying a travel system, an infant seat, and a stroller that are sold together. While a convertible car seat will save you money in the long run, buying a stroller will save you some money during a purchase.


  • Focus on the essential features


Premium car seats have additional features such as an anti-rebound bar at the foot of the seat to limit movement in case of a crash. Other features that increase the price are cushier fabric and a larger canopy. However, when buying a car seat, you don’t have to buy a premium car seat. Just focus on the essential features such as straps; check if the car seat’s straps will be easy to adjust as the baby increases in size. Also, check for thinks like adjustment handles in the back of the seat and pull cord between the child’s legs. 


Your child’s safety and comfort are crucial when buying a car seat from an online store such as maxi cosi. Ensure the car seat is easy to install and has all the essential features required in a car seat. It is crucial to hire a professional if you cannot install the car seat by yourself.

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