Does anyone really need to be concerned with preventing their car from theft? The thought of our car getting stolen might appear ridiculous, but in as much as it is ridiculous, it happens a whole deal. The advent of modern security and tracking and car tracking devices makes it harder to steal a car and get away with it, but it does not prevent anyone from thinking of an attempt. Some implement this thought and try to steal cars, a car owner or driver must, therefore, be conscious and careful with the safety of their car.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States of America. Now, that’s a huge sum because that is about 82 cars every hour, a whopping number of thefts daily. Reports state that about 50% of these cars are recovered. The percentage of those recovered to the satisfaction of the owner might be difficult to ascertain, but it is clear that rarely is a thief careful with stolen property, especially when he has to get away with it and in it. Missing internal components and body parts, a defaced exterior from scraping, scratching, hitting and so on resulting from sheer reckless driving or escape from law enforcement agencies and evidence of other illicit activities done in the car are often resultant from a recovered stolen car if ever recovered. A car that looked sharp and glistening might have become a shadow of the corpse of its former self when it is recovered after some time with the one who attempted to steal it.

Just as acquiring an essential driver’s training is important to drive a car and remain safe, learning tips on preventing your car from theft is important to Remain in possession and ownership of a vehicle and also keep it safe.

Read the following tips to learn how to safeguard your car;

Stay in Possession of Your Keys

Remaining in possession of your keys is paramount, especially if you use the car alone. Many people make the mistake of leaving spare keys in certain places in their car, and a thief can easily locate the key in any of these places just in a quick search. Ensure you keep your car keys with you and that they do not fall into the hands of people you do not trust.

Remember to keep your keys safe and retrieve them from anyone who does not need them.

Do not Keep Valuables in your car

Keeping certain things in your car could make them alluring to thieves. An iPhone, a laptop, a purse, gadgets, and many other valuables should not remain in the vehicle when the owner is not there. Beyond making the thought of breaking into Cart away with such property attractive to the thief, upon breaking in, the thief could decide to go steps further and drive away in the car.

Never Keep Your Car Running

This is one of the basic lessons of driving that Even if you are leaving for a fraction of a second. Leaving your car running is like presenting a finely prepared cookie to a food thief; he would be glad to grab them.  But leaving your car securely parked would be like leaving unprepared ingredients in the presence of the cookie thief, he would most likely not be interested. If you will not be behind the wheel for some time, turn your car off for that period and do not make it attractive for a thief to hop into your car and coast away.

Remember to turn off the ignition and remove your keys. Leaving your car running might result to running home on your feet if someone steals it.

Be Cautious of Where and How you Park.

Being in clandestine aids criminal tendencies. In fact, secrecy and some darkness foster criminal acts, so you need to be aware of where you park. Parking in a well-lit area will help keep thieves away.   If you cannot get to park in a garage that gives an assurance of safety, park somewhere that is well-lit. When parking, stay near to security gadgets if you find one and park properly. After parking, ensure you close your car doors and window properly.

Use Security Appliances

Some security devices can help increase car security, and some of them are used by law enforcement agencies. The following gadgets can prevent car theft

  • Steering Wheel Lock

A steering lock is attached to steering wheels and ensure that those cars cannot be moved. A steering wheel lock can be affixed to the steering wheel itself, preventing it from moving at all and even the wheels themselves.

  • Tire Lock

A tire lock is excellent for keeping your car safe if you intend to leave it parked for a long time. A tire lock keeps the car glued to a spot as it holds the tire in place and prevents it from being moved.

  • Kill Switch

A kill switch can be used to disrupt the flow of electricity to parts that need power in the car, helping to frustrate any attempt to steal a car. The vehicle will not start when a kill switch is used. A kill switch is effective because the thief will most likely not flick the switch, eventually leaving the car as time goes on and he gets frustrated. Kill switches become more effective when a number of them are used. Though it could be stressful to connect them every time, it is great to leave a thief confused, because if he detects one and flicks it, he will have to take his time to search for others. If he finds them, he may not have the time to flick them all

  • Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can act as a recorder, and that could be a great tool to deter a thief from stealing. Even if the thief goes ahead, you have a better chance of identifying the thief.

Use a Recovery/tracking tool

Some thieves are experts, some are desperate, and some never give up. Though following the tips above can help make your car safer, some thieves might still find their way. A tracker can help you know the movement of your car after it is stolen and a Global Positioning System (GPS) can use signals to tell you where your car is.

Remember to be cautious with your car; you never know who could be targeting it. Also, in case there is an attack against your car, remember to walk away. You can eventually find your car if you lose it, or buy a new one. Lives cannot be recovered after it is lost, however.

Keep your car safe. But most importantly, keep yourself safe.

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