Three Ways To Save Money on Daily Essentials


If you’re a mom on the go, then you’ve probably already discovered the life hacks that make your day easier – and those life hacks probably involve buying things. If you’re looking for ways to trim your budget without sacrificing ease, here are three ideas to get you started.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

Although tap water is fine to drink, it can sometimes taste funky, which is why many people still buy bottled water. It tastes fresh and is already pre-packaged in a portable container – what could be easier? As it turns out, using a refillable water bottle is just as easy, and it’s a lot better for both the environment and your pocketbook. As for how your water tastes, consider investing in a water treatment system that filters the minerals out of your water before it even enters your pipes. You can search for residential or commercial water treatment columbus, or wherever you live, to find out the options in your area. A bonus is that all the water coming into your house will be softer – better for your clothes and skin, too!

Make Coffee at Home

Popping in to your local coffee shop for your morning cup of joe is just so easy. However, if you consider that it would take less than two minutes to achieve the same results at home, those dollars – even if it’s only a few – start looking less well-spent. Most standard coffee makers come with a timer or auto feature, so if you fill the pot and add the grounds the night before, you can come downstairs in the morning to a fresh, steaming pot of coffee that finishes brewing exactly when you need it to. The next time you prep your coffee maker, time yourself. Is the potential for over $1000 in savings per year worth those extra seconds every night? It just might be.

Bring Your Own Lunch

While you can prep a coffee maker in a matter of minutes, preparing a whole meal actually does take time. The key to quitting your lunch-buying habit will sound familiar: prepare your lunch the night before. No need to fix an extra meal! When you’re making dinner, just double the recipe – then pack some of the leftovers into a smaller Tupperware container, and you’ll be all set to go in the morning. If your family appreciates leftovers, packing your (and your kids’) lunches is as easy as cleaning up after dinner.

In today’s fast-paced world, time can often be more valuable than money – but with some up-front investment and a little planning, saving money is even easier than stopping by the store. Now that’s a really great life hack.

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