How to minimize accidents in the home during the summer holiday


The school summer holiday can be a long and expensive time for a parent. Keeping your children entertained can become very expensive quickly if you are planning numerous day trips so with summer off to a glorious start with soaring temperatures why not make the most of your own home this summer. Inviting friends and family over during the holidays can provide entertainment for everyone keeping the children happy. But with lots of little people running around here are a few tips to avoid accidents around the home these summer holidays.

Objects falling from above

One of the most common injuries found is an object fallen from above. With children chasing around the house or being naturally inquisitive it is quick and easy for an object such as TV or ornament to be knocked or pulled to fall. With young children around this is something you can take for granted so why not make a few checks, for example,

* all lose cables are tidied away out of reach or neatly wrapped around the appliance

* Hanging fixtures such as frames, wall hangings, and even your tv have been fitted correctly in accordance to their weight.

* make sure there are no large items on tables where you might have a tablecloth that can be caught and pulled

* if you have items stored up high make sure they are not incorrectly stacked or too heavy for the unit

In a lot of cases, falling objects can cause injuries to the head which the seriousness might not seem apparent at first. If you are worried it is always best to seek medical advice.

Taking a Tumble

With the children round this holiday it is likely you are going to come across a few incidences where a child is likely to have fallen over. It is easy at any age to fall victim to a slip or trip and with the kids enjoying themselves this summer running around having adventures in the garden, you could see this type of accident quite frequently, so might be wise to have the plasters at the ready!

With soaring temperatures one the most popular purchases if you don’t already have one is a portable garden swimming pool ( a larger version of the traditional paddling pool). Bringing hours of fun and a great way to cool off a family size pool is an investment this holidays but with added numbers of children comes more risk to an accident in the water and with wet children making their way inside for drinks or toilet it can leave tiles or laminate floors rather slippery.

Also, another staple element to most back gardens is a trampoline. These amongst swings, slides and various other toys especially when occupied by numerous children can see a fair share of accidents. Keep an eye on the children to make sure they are waiting patiently to take their turns, don’t let too many children bounce at the same time and always make sure the safety net is securely fastened and zipped shut.


Be a Cut Above with your Dressings

 With children running around playing it can be easy for the cut wound to happen. As previously mentioned a simple trip of a fallen object can lead to an open wound. Make sure you have a stock of plasters, dressing and antiseptic creams this holiday as sometimes the power of a plaster can help make a little one feel better. In the case of a more serious cut if the blood is not easing off try to keep the area elevated and if you are still worried it is always best to ask medical advice.

There are instances where a cut can be avoided. Keep glass objects out of reach and refrain from using glass to serve drinks and food. If there has been an accident involving broken glass make sure to clear the area of children. Thoroughly clean the area of glass and dispose of in the correct bin. It might be advisable for kids to keep their shoes on especially outside just in case a piece has been missed.

Avoiding Burns

Inviting guests over this holidays you might automatically panic about what to offer for food. Try to keep it simple as with children running around and serving hot food and drinks it can be easy for accidents to happen. The most popular summer choice when entertaining in summer might be to put on a BBQ. Make sure this is manned at all times and kept in a place away from children playing and walkways.

In the event of a burn, in the first instance, it is advised to run the affected area under cold water for 10 minutes and then layer in cling film rather than wrapping it around the limb. This will help with healing, keeping moisture in the skin and protect the burn from contaminants in the air.

Cautious of little Fingers

 One of the most common injuries in the home and especially with younger children is trapping fingers in doors. If you have a small group of children round for a playdate, even trying to keep them outside can still lead to an accident of this kind. Running indoors for toilet breaks, drinks or to sneakily get toys it is easy for other children to follow unnoticed and have a door shit on them. Keep an eye on children heading through doors and maybe commit to using a latch or prop to keep doors open or fully locking them so all children will have to be supervised heading indoors.

Being aware of the types of injury around the home before a playdate can help you fully prepare and avoid that terrible accident. If you can learn a basic knowledge of first aid and also keep a well-stocked first aid box you have the best start in avoiding the event of an accident. If your child has ever suffered a similar accident which was caused by the negligence of another individual, it may be worth seeking the advice of a solicitor to see if there are grounds for making a holiday accident claim.




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