3 Reasons why DJ controllers are so important for DJs


DJ controllers provide an easier option for mixing music. In other words, advanced DJ performance is easier when using a DJ controller. The controller allows the DJ to use knobs, backlit buttons, jog wheels or faders to connect the DJ software to mix music. You can learn more about DJ controllers online. This will help you to learn the best DJ controller brands that are available on the market today. More information about some of the main factors to consider when buying a DJ controller is important. This way you will get the best value for your money. So why are DJ controllers so important to DJs?

Here are 3 reasons why DJ controllers are so important for DJs:

  1. Extra performance features

DJ controllers come with added features that enhance performance. Some of them include samplers, a slicer, and FX options. Though the argument for those interested in CDJs is that the latter is getting better with the newly launched systems, it is still not possible to get one that has the full Nexus set up. It is boring to do a gig without these enhanced performance features for most DJs. The DJ software and controllers offer a DJ more options and that is why they consider them a necessity in order to enhance their performance at the gigs.

  1. Options to search and sort tracks

This is the main reason why DJs prefer DJ controllers. Track search option in CDjs is on the touchscreen. This is not convenient for most DJs. They prefer searching on a laptop with a qwerty keyboard. This makes it easier and faster to search any track using any information regarding the track. A DJ controller also enables DJ s to browse any relevant info including the title of the song, the artist, BPM and cover art. With a DJ controller, you can do all that with a single click and on the same screen. For the CDJ, the screen is too small and you have to click on various screens before getting all this information.

  1. Recording capability

In order to improve their performance, DJs record their performance. DJ controllers have inbuilt Capability to record the live performance. Though you may record externally, it may not be of high quality. Again, it will also include voice-overs. With an inbuilt recording capability, a DJ will record his performance and review later. In addition, a DJ controller offers a DJ the convenience since he simply has to connect to his laptop and is ready to go. You no longer waste time searching or even making a playlist since you can easily prepare one long before the show. In case you need to add some tracks to the playlist at the last minute or change the playlist, it can easily be done with a DJ controller.

Every DJ should have the necessary audio system components in order to give an excellent performance. Reviews online can help you identify the best. It is a good idea to know the best brands. Opt for Pioneer, Numark or QSC DJ controllers. There are also many other good brands you can get online at Amazon and other online markets.

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