These Are the Different Types of Doors for Your Home


The front door not only opens your house but opens the first glimpse into your home life. As soon as someone has opened that door they’re getting a glimpse into your life and your world. If you’re renovating or moving house, you should give time to thinking about what types of doors are available. 

You might need a door that is practical above all else. You might want a door that tells the visitor something about you before they step over the thresh hold. You might want a door that does both.

Whether you’re looking for exterior or interior doors to buy or replace in your home then you’re in the right place.  This article opens the door for you to find something perfect for you and your home.

Types of Doors – Which Material to Choose

You need to decide what you want your door to be made of. Does it need to be durable or is the aesthetic look the most important thing for the door? For door replacements, the same questions apply but now you get the opportunity to change the material. So give these options below some careful thought.


PVC doors are viewed as a good all-rounder for both interior and exterior doors. PVC doors are a popular choice because it is lighter than some materials.  PVC doors are made in a huge variety of designs to choose from and for every budget.


Wood doors have been utilized from the very beginning of homemaking, and for good reason. A material that is beautiful, hardwearing, and versatile. Timber doors are so popular that it won’t take you too much time to find a wooden door design that fits your home.


If you like all things beautiful, then glass could make the best doors for your home. Glass is a great material to marry with other materials. Metal, PVC, and wood can all be designed with a glass feature for something a little more indulgent.


This type of door is chosen for usually two reasons. One of those is the design. The other reason is security, and although property crime statistics show a decline in crime, the number of cases is still millions every year.

There are some fabulous metal designs, and that is because the material is so versatile. A metal exterior door can create a modern and imposing statement to your home.


Even if you aren’t sure of what a fiberglass door is, you’re likely to have come into contact with this material many times. Fiberglass is used to make commercial and domestic products, such as furniture, windows, bathtubs, swimming pools and cars. A good choice for your door?

Fiberglass is made from minuscule glass fibers woven together with other materials. High heat and the quick-cooling process produces extremely durable fiberglass. If you want doors that won’t warp and change shape then fiberglass is top of the list.

Doors to Enhance Home Design

If you want interior or exterior doors to make a design statement, then start to think about how you want your doors to open. A hinged door can look good but what about a pivot door, or counterweight door for you home? Have you thought about bi-folding doors, which have been popular for centuries?  

Depending on the size of the rooms you have to play with, there is a host of doors available. If you have a small space you would like to screen off, pocket doors are a great trick. The pivot door adds drama to a large room.

If unique and aesthetically pleasing doors are what you would like to create the character of your home, then all of these doors can be made bespoke. If you have a clear design in your mind and your budget allows, you can take the plunge and have your doors custom made.

Practical for Home Living

Not everyone has the same home situation. Doors are used every day and so have to be right, not just for the house but for the people that live there. Whether you have a family, live on your own, or have pets will all affect your choice of door.

Family Friendly

Lighter weight doors are a good choice for families. Younger children and older members of the family will be able to move around the home safely and with ease. PVC doors are easy to wipe down and keep clean. If your family is on a tight budget but has to replace doors, then timber and PVC doors are good material to consider.


If you have a home shared with pets, especially dogs, you may want to re-think the beautiful one sheet glass door idea.  Dogs aren’t only known for crashing through them, but they’re often a cause of unwanted stimulation as the dog watches what goes on outside.

If you love wood, then you’re going to want something solid enough to endure any chewing or scratching. Dutch doors or stable doors as they’re also known are a great choice for homes with pets. They keeping living spaces dog-free when needed, without completely isolating your dog.

Time to Open a New Door

You might literally be opening a door to a new chapter of your life. Perhaps you’re moving to a new home, or your home just needs a facelift. Whichever it is, choosing new doors doesn’t have to be a boring task.

In this article, you have read about the many different types of doors to choose from for your home. This article has given you some interesting ideas that will help you find the best door for your home. Check out more articles on this site about home living that fits with your lifestyle.

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that looks awesome. it is hard to see the walls go up so fast and then wait for all the inside stuff that takes such a long time. can’t wait to see more pictures.