5 Tips for a Big Clear Out


The start, or end of a season, is also a good time for decluttering. September is the perfect time of year to get your life in order after the summer break. A big clear out is not only very satisfying but good for the mind. Decluttering is considered a mindfulness practice and it’ll get you feeling very zen in no time. It’s important to set realistic, manageable goals, and follow through, however. Get rid of unwanted items once and for all, you might even be able to donate them and make someone else’s life better. Here are five tips for a big clear out.

Make a realistic plan

A clear out should be a standard part of your home maintenance routine. It’s important to do it regularly so as unwanted junk doesn’t start building up, as this can add unnecessary stress to your daily life. If you’re short of time, focus on one room. It’s important to know that you can finish otherwise your decluttering work might feel in vain. Set a realistic timeframe and get organized. Plan out your clear out in steps and stages to make it more manageable. 


Before you start, it’s a good idea to prepare boxes, bags, or piles to divide your things into categories, such as donate, toss, or sell. Hire a waste removal service to get rid of any items that you can’t donate, sell, or repurpose. A Same-Day Rubbish Removal company can make your life easier with this. Once you’ve separated your garbage, they’ll come and collect it the same day for you. Newer items could go to goodwill or you could even have a garage sale.

Get the kids involved

This could be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids to declutter. Try to get them to understand the health benefits of a good clear out, rather than making it seem like a chore. Obviously clearing out your house isn’t much fun, but you could try and make it into a game, or offer them a decent reward afterward. Positive reinforcement always works, so use it as an opportunity for a family bonding experience. You could all go out for dinner after or get takeout.

Take breaks

Don’t work too hard and remember to take plenty of breaks, especially if your friends or family are helping you. It’s thirsty work so have some snacks and drinks on the go as well. Plan ahead for breaks so you don’t get too stressed out. Set yourself some time to tidy, for example an hour, then take a coffee break. 

Finish the job

This is why it’s important to have a realistic plan. Always aim to finish the job. If you don’t then it might not feel like you’ve made much progress. Plan a realistic timeframe, and make sure you have all the tools you need at the ready. Once you’ve finished you can celebrate together. A big clear out can be an incredibly satisfying way to pass a weekend afternoon. 

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