3 Reasons Why a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is Essential for Cleaning Your Home


Many people caught on to the cordless vacuum cleaner craze. In case you have not, here are three reasons why you need a cordless vacuum. It is a must to become a home clean expert! For me personally, and as a dog mom, I have to vacuum pet hair all the time. The  convenience of being able to quickly move throughout the house and vacuum is the number one reason I love my cordless vacuum for pet hair

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

You do not have to move in awkward angles while using a cordless vacuum. The machines tend to be lightweight so you can pick up the vacuum and move as you like. For the modern human, this is ideal! You do not have to bend to plug it the device into an electric socket. This means no back pain and it is great for people with mobility problems! It is time for the cordless vacuum!

No Cord to Trip Over

The most annoying part of cord vacuum cleaning is the, you guessed it, the cord. Cables snake and wrap around chairs, beds and all manner of household items. Of course, this means the vacuum will not come unplugged while you are making your way around your residence. No interruptions. No watching out for objects. No problems! It can be a trip hazard in your home.

Cut out the chance of falling with a cordless vacuum cleaner!

You will find that you clean with your vacuum more often too. Instead of vacuuming weekly – a full jaunt around the home with the only canister vacuum – you will do smaller, more frequent cleans. Perhaps you spilled some chips on the ground? It is time for the cordless vacuum cleaner. Maybe you will clean two, three or five times a week, only in short bursts or over a limited area. You decide!

Take your cordless vacuum cleaner to your car or other vehicles. Without a cord to worry about, your vacuuming is no longer confined to your home. A cord-free existence liberates vacuums by allowing you to clean anywhere you want.

Expensive interior car cleanings go you down? Well, you can use your own tools to get the job done! Plus, cordless vacuums do not run out of power as quickly as before. The latest technology enables the appliance to run for much longer. You can vacuum your whole house before needing to recharge your battery. Many batteries use Lithium-ion batteries; these batteries last longer and grant the vacuum more power. 

You can determine your cleaning route around your home. Plus, the vacuum makes it easier to clean around edges. It makes it much easier to clean stairs. Most of these cleaners are under 5 pounds. So no lugging a heavy vacuum around the house; and up and down stairs. Speaking of cleaning everywhere. Remember those places you could not reach before? A cordless vacuum cleaner eliminates this problem handily. A cord does not restrict your movement, so now you can clean high AND low. That includes that shelf you could never reach and you had to wait for someone else to do it for you (i.e. your broom).

Heavier vacuums can damage wooden surfaces or other sensitive surfaces.

If you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner with several attachments then there is hardly anything you cannot clean. A brush can dust baseboards and blinds. Other attachments are useful for couches and ceiling fans.

One of the biggest benefits is the affordability of the cordless vacuum. You can find one well under $100, even under $50.

I hope these tips help you achieve your cleaning goals!


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