The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Teenage Daughter


Anyone who has a child understands it’s no easy feat — but raising a teenage daughter is an entirely different ball game. It’s not uncommon for parents of teenage girls to feel frustrated and lost when navigating this stage of parenthood. We understand that your situation may feel complicated, but there are some general guidelines that will prove to be very helpful when raising a happy and healthy teenage daughter: 

Put Yourself in Her Shoes

You were a teenager once. We know it’s easier said than done — but try putting yourself in your daughter’s shoes. Do you remember how you felt when your body suddenly changed, and you had to deal with raging hormones? It’s beneficial to put yourself back in that mindset, so you can better relate to your daughter. Your daughter will react positively if you show her that you understand and empathize with her during this pivotal time in her life. 

Being a Teenager is More Difficult Now

While we’re on the subject of thinking back to when you were a teenager, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that it was easier for teenagers then than it is now. It’s already hard enough to be a teenage girl, but girls nowadays are having an entirely different experience because of social media. Statistics show that anxiety and depression have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. Further, research also shows that a staggering 88% of girls say they compare themselves to images they see on social media (these often filtered images set unrealistic beauty standards). This comparison results in body image issues and negatively affects their mental health. 

You may find it’s beneficial to initiate an open conversation with your daughter about how being a teenager is more complex than ever before because of social media. She may feel more comfortable opening up about her struggles if you do this. You’ll be able to have a closer bond with your teenage daughter if you’re able to create an open line of communication. Teenage girls often feel misunderstood, so make your daughter feel understood. 

Give Her Space

While it’s necessary for your teenage daughter to feel like she can come to you with anything through an open line of communication, it’s also essential to know when to give her space. Teenagers need adequate space to figure themselves out — they have a lot to work through! 

There’s only so much you can do as a parent to help your teenager work through her struggles. It can be challenging to give your teenager space (especially if you can sense she’s experiencing hardships). The best thing you can do is listen to her when she expresses that she’d like to have some time alone. This stage of life is pivotal for your teenager — she’s learning to set healthy boundaries, problem-solve, and handle more adult-like responsibilities. 

Use Humor When Appropriate

You know what they say — humor is the best medicine! Despite the generational differences between you and your daughter, you can relate to each other through humor. There are certainly times when you need to be the grown-up and discipline your teenager (we won’t tell you how to discipline your child). We’re simply saying that your child will appreciate the moments when you sprinkle in some humor during difficult times. 

Take Time to Cool Off

Disagreements with teenagers tend to escalate quickly because elevated emotions and high amounts of hormones are involved. It’s best to realize that not every conflict with your teenage daughter is going to be solved in one sitting. Sometimes, it’s best to let your daughter have some personal space to process her emotions. It’s beneficial for you to take some time to cool off, too! You’ll notice that the conversation will be a lot more productive if you both take a beat to cool off. 

Know When to Put Your Foot Down

Teenagers think they know what’s best for them — even if that means staying on their phone all night despite needing to go to school the following morning. It can feel tempting to be the “cool” parent who doesn’t have to deal with an angry teen lashing out because of parental decisions. The reality is that teenagers still need parental guidance (perhaps more than ever)

You should know that you’re only benefiting your daughter when you put your foot down. It’s most productive to have a consistent set of reasonable rules that your daughter must abide by. 

Make Her Feel Special

Your teenage daughter is likely comparing herself to other girls on social media, so it’s your responsibility as a parent to show her what you see in her. You know that your daughter is beautiful and unique — but she may need you to help her realize how amazing she really is. 

We have gifts for daughters that will undoubtedly make your daughter feel special and loved. If you notice that your daughter is going through a rough time, our rainbow ring acts as the perfect reminder that a rainbow always comes after the storm. It comes with an adorable card that shows her you’re paying attention to her feelings and you’re always on her side. You may also opt to make your daughter feel special with our mother and daughter ring. Whenever your daughter looks down at her ring, she’ll be reminded that the love you two share is forever. 

You’ll Both Get Through This

We know it’s a challenging time for both you and your teenage daughter, but your unconditional love will long outlast this relatively short period of time (even though it might feel like it’s moving slower than your daughter when it’s time to leave for school). One day, you’ll both look back on these times and laugh! Do your best to enjoy these moments with your daughter because adulthood is right around the corner for her. You’ve got this, mama!

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