Spring Ideas for Families in Atlanta


Spring is fast approaching and soon it will be time to dust off the cobwebs on our wellies and start going out into the fresh air again. Whether you are into long walks amongst the new blooms or are looking for something a little more fast paced when spending time with your family, there are plenty of options to suit everyone in Atlanta.

This piece will take a look at some fun spring ideas for all the family that you can get stuck into! Just read on to find out more.

Park Picnics 

There are so many great parks to explore in Atlanta which is a perfect family option for when the weather is brighter. Whether you want to take your own packed picnic with you or get something on the go from a local restaurant, you will be sure to find a serene space with spectacular views. Not to forget the stunning lakes and ponds that are so common around these areas. Load up on your favorite snacks, get everyone to take a book with them, and go and soak up the fresh, spring atmosphere!

Visit Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a fantastic activity for families who like to get out in the fresh air and look at all of the new flowers sprouting up in spring. While this could be a little slow-paced depending on how old your children are, you will find that many botanical gardens will also have cafes, specific flower shows, and different events that run during the week. Be sure to check ahead of time if you are wanting to attend a specific event or exhibition, especially if it is in the summer holidays! 

Find a Family Friendly Festival

Festivals are starting to become common place again, which is great for those who like to be out and about socializing and trying new things. Family friendly festivals can also be excellent for children, as they are usually jam packed with events, activities, and shows that children of all ages can enjoy. You can also find some for free too, if you need a low-cost activity for spring.

Eating Out 

Other kid friendly activities include eating out while enjoying the changing weather. Patio dining becomes a firm favorite for families when the weather turns into something more cheerful, and restaurants begin to venture outside and provide patio dining so everyone can enjoy eating alfresco. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, so finding something that the whole family can enjoy should not be a problem! 

Trip To a Theme Park

You cannot often beat the thrill of going to a theme park where the rides are fast and the fun is plentiful – and spring is an excellent time to do it. Not only is the weather not too hot, but it will be far less busy in summer where you get everyone, including holiday goers, wanting to get in on the action. Take advantage of spring break outside!

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