The Top 3 Ways to Travel from Orlando to Miami


The weather in the summer makes it a perfect time to travel to the south. Pack your swimming suits because there’s no better way to enjoy the tropical climate than in the water. Miami has various charms such as sun kissed beaches and art deco beauty you wouldn’t want to miss.

The city offers a rich experience with its blazing nightlife, luxurious shopping, beautiful sceneries and a tantalizing cuisine. You can easily travel from Orlando to Miami in three major ways: by a bus, train or air. Your journey begins the moment you book your tickets and reserve seats.

3 Ways to Easily Travel to Miami through Orlando

  1. By Bus

Taking a bus from Orlando to Miami reduces the time you have to spend in a theme parking lot.  Traveling by bus comes with many entertainment options. Shop or dine at Orlando Downtown to get the things you need the last minute to your trip before boarding a bus.

The amenities you will find in a bus include: onboard entertainment, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and reclining seats. With the state of art technology included in modern buses, you are assured of comfort throughout the journey. Double decker buses are equipped with restrooms to improve efficiency because you can easily relieve yourself whenever you want.

Choose your preferred seat while booking a bus to ensure you are comfortable and totally relaxed during the journey. Depending on the seat you reserve, you can enjoy a spacious ride, sit at a table with your family and even enjoy beautiful views as you travel.

Book a bus from your smartphone for convenience and to enjoy your trip. The routes are favorable with flexible departure times. Moreover, traveling to Miami through Orlando by bus is affordable with prices ranging from as low as $1 dollar. You definitely want to save for a better experience in Miami.

  1. By Train

Since 1931, trains have been running on rails from Miami to New York. They stop at Orlando, connecting the two principal cities. The train station is located at Orlando Downtown. If you don’t have a reservation or need baggage service, report an hour before departure time.

People with special needs such as those using wheelchairs can easily access restrooms and ticket offices. Moreover, the ATMs are also available for last minute cash withdrawals. Short term and long term, handicapped parking facility is available for those driving to the station.

While on route, you can purchase food from the dining car and drinks in the lounges. The trains takes an average of 5 to 7 hours to reach Miami.

  1. By air

A flight from Orlando to Miami International Airport can help you save time and reach your destination faster. Although air is the fastest way to get Miami, it is the most expensive mode of transport. It takes about more than just an hour to travel to Miami by air.

However, if you decide to take a plane, factor in the process of boarding a flight, accessing rental cars and other ground transportation you might need once you reach there.

Contact us to compare bus options for your next trip to Miami from Orlando.

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