The Newest Treatment for Asthma in 2019


While asthma hasn’t been identified as a curable disease, it is a very treatable illness and in as much as it is preventable. These newer treatments are usually better than older ones. Entering into 2019, it is pertinent to know the newest treatments of asthma that will be available.

Asthma is a pretty serious health condition responsible for over 4,000 deaths yearly. More often than not, these deaths could be properly treated to avoid loss of lives but due to reasons as – ignorance, beliefs, cost of treatment, location, and carelessness.

How Do You Identify Asthma?

Asthma is a can be life-threatening and should not be taken lightly. If you are not sure if it’s asthma or you’re don’t want to admit it, let’s help clear that up, before taking you into the working and existing treatments including new treatments that have been improved upon.

Asthma is a condition that affects the airways, causing swellings or as is most identified, an inflamed airway, which affects the lungs in such a way that does not allow for free flow of air in and out of the organ.

As treatable as this disease, in its mild stage it estimates mortality rate of 1 in every 100 persons, but in its severe stage estimates mortality rate of 1-3 in every 100 persons, with an estimated total of 1.5million persons affected every year. Unchecked, asthma is a treatable disease, that claim lives unannounced.

If you’re experiencing it for the first time and you have no idea what the symptoms of this treatable disease is, just read through the list below.

  • Coughing or wheezing, you should also know that this symptom only applies for the mild asthma attacks and it occurs mostly at night, in severe cases, it is more persistent coughing or wheezing at night that could make the throat and chest sore as a result.
  • Weakness during physical activity, running, jogging, these physical activities take a lot from you than it should. It also exists in severe asthma attacks.
  • Chest pains – asthma gives the feeling of a tight grip around the chest cavity, as though it’s locked and left with a tiny straw in the middle for breathing, so asthma patients find themselves running on short breaths, inhaling deeply while staying quiet to preserve whatever oxygen is left in the blood.
  • Trouble sleeping, especially in stuffy areas, sometimes, it may actually be very airy but because of the inflamed airway, it is stuffy and without air, in mind asthma cases, it is advisable to use quick-relief medications.
  • Cyanosis – a condition that involves the bluing of the lips and fingertips. This is a critical stage in the severity of an asthma attack, after struggling with short breaths and it continues without relief, there would be very little oxygen entering to the blood which would eventually lead to another loss. Medical assistance is required for aggressive asthma action plans. These treatments are necessary because they provide quick relief for symptoms and long-term control.

Available Treatments for Asthma

Presently, a lot of treatments are available for different stages of asthma, these treatments are divided into severe asthma attacks and asthma attacks. These Treatments come in various cost range and affects every individual differently. As such, it is important that medical personnel guide you on what treatment would work best for you considering your allergies, medical history, asthma record, previously used medication, and others. Current treatments for asthma are

  • Short-acting beta agonists – they work to rapidly reduce the symptoms within minutes, they are inhaled bronchodilators.
  • A combination of an inhaled short-acting anticholinergic and an inhaled short-acting beta agonists.
  • Atrovent – this is a bronchodilator, which acts to release airways to allow for proper breathing also within minutes and is a short-term treatment – like the others above listed.
  • Inhaled corticosteroids – these are safe anti-inflammatory drugs for long-term use. Although, they would have to be taken for a couple of days or weeks to get effective results.
  • Leukotriene modifiers – these are oral medications that help to relieve asthma symptoms for up to 24 hours but has side effects which involve – agitation, anxiety to mention a few, medical advice should be requested for and taken immediately.
  • Long-acting beta-agonists are inhaled medications that have been presumed to increase the risk of asthma attacks except when taken with an inhaled corticosteroid.
  • Theophylline is a daily pill that helps in releasing the airways of the lungs.

Newer Treatments for Asthma

Asthma isn’t curable but it is very controllable, more now than before it started. 2018 has birth treatments and that would make 2019 more peaceful for asthmatic patients. Newer treatments have been identified for severe and stubborn asthma attacks that naturally does not respond to inhaled treatment, they include –

  • Biologics – These are drugs that act on the immune system, hindering the activity of chemicals that block the airways. For severe cases of asthma, the biologics are capable of reducing the severity to become mild symptoms.
  • Leukotriene modifiers – Leukotriene is the chemical that tightens the airways, so these modifiers block the actions of leukotriene. It is taken through the mouth.
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty – This is a surgical process for severe cases of asthma – that does not respond to other treatments. It uses heat frequency passed through the airway, in the process destroying some of the smooth muscles lining the airways preventing it from further constriction.
  • Ventolin Asthma Evohaler – this is a highly rated medication that makes it easier for air to move in and out of the lungs, relieving symptoms of asthma. Although, there are some side effects of this medication, felt as palpitations, shaking – especially in the hands, and slight feeling of nervousness which may also be felt when higher doses of the medication are used, but these side effects wear out quickly and are less likely to occur after it has been used a couple of times.

These new treatments should be thoughtfully considered for another year to elevate the chances of reduced occurrences of the symptoms.

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