Six Ways to Maintain Your Garden Year Round


Many people love gardening; or the idea of it. Unfortunately, as soon as they start, they find that there is more to keeping a garden that they romanticized idea. Fortunately, as soon as you have your expectations in check, gardening is pretty simple. You can maintain the garden by setting apart a small amount of time from your busy schedule each week to perform simple tasks.

Maintaining your garden is important to keep it looking as it should. You do not want your guests to be welcomed to a sight of unkempt bushes and overgrown plants. Secondly, maintaining the garden helps to get rid of weeds. Lastly, failing to maintain your garden can lead to overgrowth and foster the growth of pests and insects like mosquitoes. To get you started, here are six ways you can maintain your garden:

Water your plants

As a rule, water your garden once or twice every week. Many companies that have landscaping tools for hire list watering cans for gardeners who do not have sprinkler systems. When you are planting new flowers, the best time to do this is early in the morning or in the late evening. During that time, the soil is cooler and water will evaporate less because the day is not as hot.

When watering your plants, try to aim for the roots. The leaves and the plant heads do not respond well to water; mold may form and damage the plants. If you are away a lot, an irrigation system is the best way to go. Only be sure that it has a water control to regulate the moisture in the soil.

Pay attention to the lawn

If the day tends to get hot where you live, you will need to protect your lawn from hot weather. Temperatures above 30°C will stunt growth. If the temperatures are too high, hire a lawnmower that can help you to trim only a small amount of the grass. You want to leave at least five centimeters standing. This will help to protect the soil from drying out.

The best time to water your lawn is between 4 and 8 am. If you can, have a control system for the water to keep you from having to wake up that early. As a guiding principle, use ten to 15 liters of water for every square meter.

Deal with the weeds early

If you want to prevent weeds from growing in your plant beds, minimize the space that they can grow by making your plants dense. Endeavor to use mulch. It helps to stop weeds from sprouting. However, sometimes some weeds will get beyond your control, what then?
Uproot existing weeds from the source. You can hire a weeding trowel to be able to get the weeds from the roots. If you get stubborn weeds in your garden, that is, weeds that keep coming back, consult with a professional to remove them chemically. Remember that the point of hiring landscaping tools for weeding is weed control. That way, you will not be shocked if you keep seeing them.

Edge your beds

You want to stop the grass from invading your garden by having an edging between your lawn and your garden. You can use any material you like from plastic to bricks. However, the most effective materials will stretch a minimum of six inches deep. This way, grassroots cannot find their way into the garden by growing underneath the edging. Ideally, flat edging would work perfectly because you can run the wheels of the mower over as you mow.

If you are a savvy gardener, you can use heavy-duty plastic molded for your edges. You can find them in garden centers or nurseries. This type of edging will save you from hours of removing grass that creeps under the edges.

Use compost

Compost pushes apart clay particles. It allows the soil to breathe and to drain faster. Using compost also helps if your garden has sandy soil – it is able to keep the soil moist for longer. What is more, compost saves you money. You can hire landscaping tools that will make composting easier and manage the mess and the smell. Note that before you start composting, you will need to determine the type you want to make. It will determine the materials you pick and how long they take to decompose.

Keep it simple

Most people go wrong with maintaining their gardens when they try to get a lot done in one go. The key to keeping your garden is simplicity. Before you decide to plant new seedlings in spring, you want to think about what they will demand of you come winter. You need to always count the cost. Fortunately, for most cases, gardening becomes easier if you hire the tools you need as opposed to buying them. That way, you do what you need and get rid of the tool as soon as you no longer need it

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