Top Aerial Silks and Hoops Skills for Kids Who Love Gymnastics


Are your kids crazy about gymnastics? You should consider taking them for aerial silks and hoops skills summer camp. The summer camp will not just provide them with the opportunity to have fun but they’ll also gain amazing life skills. Since aerial silks routines are often categorized under circus art, the kids will have the opportunity to pursue a professional interest right from a young age. But before anything, you should know how the routines will benefit your kids, the skills that they gain, and how you can make the experience much better for them.

Benefits of Aerial Silks and Hoops Routines

As the kids attend the summer camp, you’ll notice a number of changes, including:

  • Muscle strength: Aerial silk routines are physically involving. So, the kids will develop great muscle strength in the course of the summer camp.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Routines such as leg raising and pikes target the joints and the ligaments. Therefore, the kids will become more flexible when executing them.
  • Improved concentration: The routines require so much concentration that the kids can’t think of anything else other than the moves. This brings mental calmness, allowing them to focus much better.

The Skills that the Kids Gain from the Summer Camp

A majority of the routines are designed to enhance physical literacy and mental wellbeing. Generally, here are the top skills that your kids will gain from the aerial silk summer camp:

  • Hand-eye coordination skill: Not many kids can place their eyes on the things that they do with their hands without missing a detail. At the end of the summer camp, their eye-hand coordination abilities will be significantly improved.
  • Object manipulation skills: The kids will obtain these skills from doing routines such as hula hooping, ball juggling, rope climbing, object rolling, and many others. They’ll become more careful when handling physical things.
  • Spatial awareness: As the kids flip in an upside-down manner when doing most routines, they’ll have the opportunity to develop the inherent ability to understand what’s happening around them. This means that they’ll be able to anticipate things like adults.
  • Confidence: Confidence is a skill that easily develops when you do something repetitively and you become accustomed to it. The kids get this special attribute from doing aerial hoop routines.
  • Writing skills: As the kids lift their bodies to the bar, the hands are considerably involved. They develop progressive joint flexibility, especially on their fingers. By constantly grasping circus art apparatuses, it becomes easy to improve their pen handling skills. In the long run, they’ll be able to write better and faster.

How to Get the Most Out of the Summer Camp

For your kids to enjoy aerial silks routines more, you have to take time to prepare them. Here are the top tips they need to observe:

  • Eat right: The moves require enough energy to execute. Therefore, you’ll need to pack for them energy-rich foods such as fresh fruits, greens, grains, and lean protein, especially if they are not offered meals at the summer camp.
  • Dress right: The kids will need to cover their delicate skin when doing the aerial hoop routines. This will help to protect them from suffering scratches and blisters.
  • Have rest: They need to rest normally before and during the summer camp. You have to ensure that this is the case so that they can concentrate on the routines.

Your kids deserve all the fun during their summer break, and if gymnastics is their thing, you should consider taking them to an aerial silks summer camp. They’ll have the fun of their lives as they perfect their gymnastic routines.

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