The Most Beautiful Theme Parks In Australia


It is hard to choose which theme park is best for you and your family. So here is a list of the top 5 theme parks in each state in Australia, along with some information on each of them. 

Dreamworld, Queensland

One of the top theme parks in Gold Coast, QLD is Dreamworld. Dreamworld has an amusement park which includes over 25 rides and attractions and a waterpark with 15 rides and attractions. The theme park also includes a rainforest which is home to over 250 species of animals and it’s one of the largest in the world.

Gumbuya World, Victoria

Another one of the top theme parks in Victoria is Gumbuya World. This is a fun place for families with young children to visit as it has lots of rides and interactive play areas for them. There’s also a large animal parks with over 1,000 animals for children to see and learn about. The park also boasts an impressive water park, which includes slides and pools for hours of fun.

Wonderland, New South Wales

Wonderland Sydney is Australia’s largest theme park. It has over 150 rides, attractions and shows. The Theme Park features many Australian themes like Sydney Harbour, Outback, Kakadu Wetlands, Dinosaur World and Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland is also home to Australia’s largest and most unique water park. 

Adventure World, Western Australia

Adventure World Perth is the only theme park in Western Australia, and has rides to suit all ages. There are four sections to the park including Toddler Land for toddlers aged two to five years, Kiddie Land for children aged up to 12 years, Action Area for teens and adults aged 13 years and over, and Unlimited Adventures which offers different rides for unlimited use.

Sea World, Queensland

One of the top theme parks in Gold Coast, QLD is Sea World. This park has a special marine life facility with dolphin shows and encounters as well as an underwater viewing area. There are great rides for teens and adults as well as some kiddie rides too. The theme park also includes a waterpark with 15 rides and attractions.

There are many theme parks in Australia that tourists can visit, but the five mentioned here are some of the most popular. Dreamworld and Sea World are both on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Gumbuya World is located just outside of Melbourne, Victoria and includes a large animal park. Wonderland Sydney in NSW, and last but not least is Adventure World which is located in Perth, Western Australia. No matter where you choose to visit, these theme parks offer many hours of fun for. So if you’re ever planning a trip to Australia, be sure to visit one (or more!) of these great theme parks!

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