The Interior Decor Trends That Designers Can’t Help Loving


The interior decoration is a big industry by itself. There are efficient planners, designers and executers in the industry. They try their best to innovate new designs and make it available to every common man. So, in this busy interior decoration world designers keep introducing new decors and their unique designs keep trending. Among trending decors some are new and some are evergreen old decors.

Here are interior décor trends that designers can’t help loving:

Bold color palettes

The colors of the wall have always or most of the time been light shaded or light colors. It is very boring to have plain or little more than plain to walls. Walls are a good place to decorate. In interior decoration, walls play an important role to change the look of the place.

There have come many colors and their bold shades that can suit the latest interior designs. The bold colors highlight the small and light colored things at the place. They also make the wall look more attractive and lively. So, this is the new interior décor trend that designers can’t help loving.

Acoustic felt ceiling

The acoustic felt ceiling is the felt panels which help to have a soundproof atmosphere. The acoustic nature observes the high-frequency sound waves and leaves calmness. Thus, helping you to have a peaceful environment under the acoustic felt ceiling.

The extra feature that acoustic felt ceiling provides makes them lovable. This is the reason why they are popular among designers and users. They are customized to suit your interior themes and installed carefully. They are cost effective and are great as decors to any type of space.

Metallic decors

The metallic decors are the brightest and the most important interior décor. For a rich and luxurious appeal, metallic decors are essential. The metallic decors are available in various prices and designs. Anybody can afford to buy and add them to his or her places.

The metallic decors are cost-effective and required less effort to maintain. They can also be used as holders and containers. They help you in obtaining contemporary look too. The metallic feel or touch could be added to the walls and ceiling too. Try it if you like to add the more lavish look to your room.

Black felt wall covering

The black felt wall covering is one the most trending interior decors. The black is the unique color of all the colors. Black as background, the front decors or things naturally get highlighted. They even look brighter and better.

This strategy works when it comes to interior designing too. The black wall always attractive and better looking. So, black felt wall covering is an easy way to make your space-wall look better. So, add black felt wall covering to any one of the walls in a room. It will help you in beautifying your space.

Curved sofa or L-shaped sofas

Sofas are like a must in interior decors. They add the lovable look to the place and helps in comforting the guests. These days they have not remained just plain or attic looking. They are also given modern touch by adding shapes and designs to their cushion covers.

Curved or L-Shaped sofas are more in trends. The main reason they are adopted by many is that they fit in corners and save more space. This helps people with less space to decorate their room better. So, these modern trendy sofas saving spaces are loved by the designers and the customers.

Hanging felt panels

The hanging felt panels are not very new to the interior or exterior design industry. They exist for a long time but their designs and carvings through them have changed. The hanging felt panels create an illusion of higher ceilings.

They best suit commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, malls and many others. They even highlight the ceiling of your room. They are available at affordable prices and they are easy to install. This is the reason why designers are in love with hanging felt panels.

Wall Papers

The wallpapers are another easy way to decorate the interior of the rooms. The walls are the best place to decorate and change the look of the place. Wallpapers help you to change your room appeal totally. The colors and designs make them have various designs and appeal at different times.

The best part of the wallpapers is that they could be changed easily. The wall appears could be changed or added according to the season, theme or occasions. This versatility and adaptability of the wallpapers make them lovable. Their lower cost makes them much easy for everybody to try them.

Wall arts

The wall arts are the form of arts which are created to suit the wall according to the customer requirements. Artists are hired to paint them for the purpose of interior designing. The wall arts bring a contemporary look to the place.

The artworks like sceneries or popular personalities are created to hang the artwork over the wall. They help you to exhibit your place culture. The wall arts are also done over the plain wall. The artwork is done just like how it is done over the boards. This makes the lovely and admirable.


The composite stone of different colored stones. It was once in demand in 70’s and later went out of style in 90’s. Now in 2018, they are back with more designs. You are going to see more of terrazzo from now on as they are welcomed by designers.

The old designer tile is back with more varieties and materials. They are definitely going to stand out among other interior decors. The cost of the terrazzo depends on the quality of the material. So, if you wish you could add them too.


Above are the interior décor trends that designers can’t help loving. They are trendy and unique from other common decors. They make your interior appear updated. So, without any hesitation add them all in your space. They are sure to make your place look better. 


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