The Importance Of Feeding Your Pets On A Schedule


Everyone knows that a pet needs feeding, but not everyone knows the most effective methods. You may be aware of the many different ways of feeding pets, including free grazing, free feeding, and feeding three times a day. But which pet feeding method should you stick to? If that’s your worry, this post focuses on cats and dogs and why it is essential to feed them on a schedule.

To Monitor The Pet’s Appetite And Food Preference

It is crucial to monitor your pet’s appetite, and there is no better way of doing this than when feeding them on a schedule. A poor appetite could indicate a severe health problem that would require consulting a veterinary doctor. 

Besides monitoring the appetite, feeding your pet on a schedule can help you determine your pet’s food preference which can help you when making food choices. If you’re considering buying food for your pet, you could get it from your local store or place an order online. If you don’t have time to do that, there are many reliable pet food delivery services in the market that can help you get what you want. 

Pets Are Creatures Of Habit

Cats and dogs, like their wild counterpart, prefer to eat on schedule. Therefore, maintaining a feeding schedule closely matches your pet’s natural way of eating if they were in the wild. Besides the fact that pets are creatures of habit, feeding them on a schedule helps them know when and what to expect from you, which can positively impact your pet’s emotional wellbeing.

To Promote Your Pet’s Emotional Wellbeing

Feeding pets on schedule also helps improve the bond you share. In other words, it allows the pet to feel loved and secure, and consequently, an overall happier and content pet. When free feeding, developing this kind of connection can be challenging because there are reduced pet-owner interactions during the feeding. 

Prevent Obesity 

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to control how much their pets eat. When feeding on a schedule, it’s possible to control the number of calories your dog or your cat consumes every day and ensure that it gets just enough. When left to feed freely, your pet runs a significant risk of overfeeding, which can negatively impact their health.  

Helps In Potty Training

If you have been keeping dogs as pets for a while, you may already know the importance of potty training. If your puppy eats on a schedule, they will likely want to let it out on a schedule as well. Depending on your pet’s age, you may need to feed them between three to four times today. After feeding, it’s important to note their need to “go” pattern, which can be helpful when doing potty training. This makes the process of potty training easier for you and the pet.  

To Create Meal Manners

For households with multiple pets, meal manners should be a priority. Where there is a lack of meal manners, you may experience negative behavior, especially when your pets have to eat in the presence of others. Some of the most common behaviors that indicate a lack of meal manners include possessiveness and aggression over food. This can cause other problems, such as having only the stronger pet eating all the food while the others are left hungry, which could affect their health. Feeding your pets on a regular schedule creates a sense of security in the pets knowing there will always be food at the right time, thus reducing the need to be aggressive when hungry.


If you have not been feeding your pets on a schedule, you have missed out on the benefits highlighted above. But all is not lost; you can start today. Although it may take time for your pets to adapt to the changes, they will eventually adapt.

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