The Five Essentials to Emphasize to Your Kids When They’re Young


When you’re a mother, you aren’t just tasked with teaching your kids how to do basic life things like go to the bathroom. You are also tasked with teaching them about the world around them. Some of these nuances are difficult for children to understand, but if you emphasize certain things to them when they are young some of it will stick. One part of life that you can always teach them about is what is important. Keep reading for the five essential items you should emphasize to your kids when they’re young.

High-Quality Jeans & T-Shirts

You might think “they’re just jeans and t-shirts” but if you have worn high-quality options of both you will know the difference. Investing money in these clothing essentials will save you money over time, and you will introduce your children to the idea that it’s a wiser move to invest in products and other things in life. You will regret it when you are throwing out t-shirt after t-shirt and pair of jeans after jeans. Establishing a pattern here with quality over quantity will enable you to teach kids the best way to live their lives.

Hygiene Soap/Face Wash

One thing children are not great at is face and hand washing. Taking a shower is one thing, but kids also need to be shown that it’s necessary to wash their hands and face several times a day. This is especially the case when you aren’t bathing as much. Emphasize the importance of hygiene soap and face wash. Show them how long they should wash their hands. Teach them how to scrub their faces. If you emphasize the quality of the product too, then you will be teaching all kinds of life lessons.

Comfortable & Supportive Socks and Underwear

Like jeans and t-shirts, socks and underwear are often dismissed. Why is this? These are some of the most important things we buy and wear. They cover our most precious areas. We spend, or at least we should, a lot of time on our feet. Our genitals are fragile and can be easily irritated. A good pair of boxer briefs will go so far. Telling your kids about the importance of comfortable yet supportive socks and underwear is an essential life step. It’s one of the earliest things to impart them with.

A Durable Hat

Hats are not all created equal. There are cheap hats and there are nice hats. Nice hats look good, cover your face and neck, and will last forever. Buying your child a good hat for the outdoors early on in life will show them that you need to be prepared for the natural world, and we have figured out the design behind these products completely. Investing in outdoor gear can literally be a lifesaver sometimes. It doesn’t need to be that extreme, though. Begin by emphasizing a durable hat.

Variety of Footwear

With how much we stand, walk, hike, bike, play sports, and perform other physical activities on our feet, we should have a good pair of shoes for every occasion. All of our shoes should be comfortable and durable. It’s vital to ask your children if they are comfortable and get a clear answer from them. You should buy them a pair of footwear for dress-up occasions, a pair for the outdoors, a pair of sneakers for around town, and maybe even a pair to run or play sports in. If you can afford nice shoes, show them that if you buy multiple pairs, take care of them, and use them at different times, they will all last a lot longer.

These five essentials above will teach your kids all kinds of things about life, themselves, and the world around them. It’s vital to emphasize certain things. You should explain why they should invest in themselves and why it’s paramount to be prepared. The style, personality, and originality will come out naturally. Imparting wisdom is another thing entirely.

Kids must be taught to prefer quality over quantity. They must be taught to wash their face and hands. Comfort is good not because we can avoid struggle, it’s good to be more competent and proficient in your life. Through nuance and subtle instruction, we can teach our kids to be the best people they can be.

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