The Best Gifts for Men Who Deserve to Relax


We all know that man in our lives who works himself to death. In many ways, men are biologically wired to provide in this way. It turns up a notch when they have a family. With kids, biology motivates men to provide for their children and spouse. However, we live in a fast-paced and hard-working world. It’s necessary to relax. When someone doesn’t take time to themselves, their work suffers in the end. If you have that man in your life and want to treat them to something special, below are the best gifts to give men who deserve to relax.


While tobacco products aren’t the healthiest thing a man can do, smoking a cigar is a great way for men to calm their nerves, relax after a long day, and enjoy a moment. Cigars aren’t nearly as bad for the body as cigarettes are and you can’t smoke cigars all day if you are working. When you want to treat the cigar lover in your life to something, buy them a fine cigar they will appreciate. Skip the cheap stuff and go right for a smoke he will appreciate. Cigars are, for men, a great way to let off some steam.


A lot of men aren’t going to buy themselves a robe. Why is that? Men like robes just as much as women do. When you are trying to get the man in your life to relax more, hint at it by buying them a nice piece of mens loungewear. The effect that loungewear has on the stress and anxiety of a person is quite interesting. You can’t be worried in a nice robe. Loungewear comes in all price points, but it’s one of those things you want to spend a little money on. When you invest in good loungewear, it will last longer. It will feel better against the skin. You can even buy yourself a matching version of the loungewear if you’d like.


Like cigars, few things are as relaxing as whiskey. A glass of fine bourbon with a single rock will recontextualize the evening and provide a great way to let him get rid of the day. Whiskey is a powerful drug but used in moderation it can be a very effective calming and de-stressing agent. Whiskey is for special occasions, but if the man in your life is a connoisseur, buying him a nice bottle for his birthday, Christmas, or just randomly is a nice gesture. You can tell him to have a glass when he needs to relax. A high-strung man chills out with a glass of whiskey in his hand. The workday is over.

A Spa Gift Certificate

Women more commonly go to the spa than men, but why is that? Men like going to get a massage, relaxing in the sauna, and letting off steam the same way women do. When you need to calm the nerves, work out all the stress you’re carrying in your shoulders, and alleviate the worry and anxiety that comes with life, the spa can help. Men should do the same more often. If you know a man who is overworked and could use a spa day, buy him a spa gift certificate. It is good for any occasion.

A Book He’s Been Wanting

Since our lives can be so busy, it’s easy not to spend time reading. However, if your spouse, boyfriend, or brother really likes reading—a lot of overachievers like history and business books—you should buy them a book he’s been wanting. Encourage him to read it. Don’t let it just sit on his shelf. When a man needs to reset after work, a whiskey, cigar, and a book isn’t half bad.

Buying gifts for men isn’t always easy, especially if they are the type that doesn’t need much, but if you know what they like and what relaxes them you can buy the man you love a great gift. Whether it’s his birthday, the holidays, or just because he deserves it, relaxing gifts are some of the best kind. He will appreciate the thought and the results of the gift itself. Everyone deserves to relax after a hard day.

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11 months ago

Thank you for sharing this helpful guide to gift ideas for men that deserve a break. I especially appreciate the offer to give a spa package from this salon, because self-care is important for everyone, including men. Taking time for yourself and visiting spa treatments can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being. In addition, a relaxing spa treatment can be a wonderful gift to help de-stress and relax.