Home Improvements for New Empty Nesters


Ah, you’ve finally got the place to yourselves. It’s time to kick up your feet and … remodel! Now that the kids are gone there’s plenty of free time, and free space, to work with. What will you do with all of your home’s new empty space? Here are three ideas to help you get started:

Flip Unoccupied Bedrooms 

Some families opt to leave the bedroom untouched when the kids move out, but for the parents who are looking to find a new use for that unused space, experts suggest transforming it into a guest suite. Tearing down the walls between two bedrooms for a larger guest suite is common these days. And a bigger room can accommodate adult children and even grandkids on their next visit. This latest trend can include adding a king-sized bed, sitting areas, and a full bathroom. A large remodel like this might require the help of an architect or handyman, but all of your hard work and investment will be rewarded when you earn frequent visits from your kids and grandchildren. 

The addition of a guest suite also makes more market sense, especially when compared to room-flips that turn bedrooms into “me rooms” like yoga spaces, art rooms or man caves. While “me rooms” are attractive, they can present an issue in future years. If you do opt for a “me room” make sure the changes you make can be adjusted so that space still remains attractive to the buyer. 

Give the Old Kitchen a New Makeover 

Taking on a kitchen remodel can be challenging. Before you get started tearing down your cabinets, consider remodeling specifications first, like the size of your kitchen, layout, any plumbing or electrical issues and the level of finishes, from entry-level to high-end. Assessing these factors will give you a better idea of the overall cost of remodeling a kitchen. Each remodeling project is different, but you can expect to pay about $2,000 for demolition, $900 for permits and between $400 and $3,500 for remodeling plans. Once you’ve considered all of these points, the fun starts, and you can get started personalizing your new kitchen space, with all of the equipment and flair you need to entertain when family comes to town. 

Build a Beautiful Bathroom 

This year’s latest hot home trend is universal design, which assures that features from across the home can be accessible to everyone, including the disabled, elderly and everyone else. According to data from Realtor, a universally designed bathroom can earn 68.4 percent ROI when it comes time to sell. These universal design additions can be stylish, too, with the addition of a walk-in slanted tile shower with a wide mouth drain, and practical with design features like lever-style door knobs, wide wheelchair-friendly doors and grip bars in the shower. It’s never too early to start thinking about the future; after all, a home is an investment for both you and your children. Whether you plan to live in your home throughout your retirement years or if you plan to sell instead, there is no doubt that universal design is a practical improvement for your nest. 

A send-off from the nest gives your children the magnificent opportunity to spread their wings, and you and yours the welcome chance to spread out. 


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