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It’s about that time of year to think of resolutions! Why not make one with your kids to have assigned chores? To make this easier on everyone you can do a few different things to track whose chore is what and if it was done. Before you start there are some things you need to decide.

First- are the chores going to be weekly, daily, or monthly?

Second– how many chores are you going to give each person?

Third– how many people are you going to assign chores?

Now that this is decided you can arrange your chart or at least map it on a piece of paper.

Start, with a column stating each person’s name. Next, in the top row list each chore to be assigned. Now, decide what you will use to make your chart!

3 Types of Charts

1) Poster Board Chart:Get a poster board. Using a pencil and ruler create grids with the same number of columns as there are chores plus one. Next, map our rows for each person plus one. Using a marker, stickers, felt, buttons, or other decorative item make the outlines of each box you’ve created. Bold in the first column each person name skipping the first box. Skipping the first box put each chore. How hang in a non-glassed frame, on the pantry door, or in another well trafficked area. Use Velcro and cut it into squares. Now, attach one side of the Velcro to each square. The other side of the Velcro attach to bows, buttons, or something decorative. Staple a sandwich bag to the bottom of the poster board to hold the markers. Now explain the rules and get started! As your family does their chores they place a marker in the slot so you know to check their work! Clear on your normal deadline to start over!

2) Fabric Banner Chart: If you are a sewing fiend then make it out of fabric. Start with a pretty large square piece of fabric. Fold the edges and sew them down to avoid fraying. Using ribbon or maybe fabric strips to create your grid by sewing the ribbons onto pre-drawn and marked lines of chalk. Once you have your grid either use iron on letters or needlepoint to write in the names of the people and chores you’re chart will include. Again, cut squares of Velcro and create your markers. Take a piece of fabric in a rectangle shape. Fold the edges of the short end over and stitch it down to avoid fraying leaving the sides open. Now, fold the rectangle with the imaged or nice side on the inside. Stitch the long sides together leaving the top where the short ended were folded over open. Thread a piece of elastic through this. Measure how much elastic to use by measuring the biggest persons hand and adding 2 cm. Once the elastic is threaded through stitch it to itself. Now stitch the opening around the elasticity closed. Flip it inside out so the pretty fabric is showing. Stitch it to the bottom of your chart and place your markers inside. Using ribbon, stitch one strand of ribbon to one side of the top of the chart. Using another side of ribbon, stitch one strand of ribbon to the top of the other side of the chart. Tie it in a bow to the length you need and hang it on the wall! To keep it from folding up you can thread a dole through the top of the chart using the same technique you used to thread the elastic through the little marker bag. Now, explain the rules and get started!

3) Fridge Chart: Using Duct tape create a grid on your fridge using the same rows and columns stated above. Now using chalk magnets write in chalk each person’s name and chore or you can write it out in duct tape. You can use magnets as markers! Best part when the chores change you can just peel or erase! When you’re done peel it off and toss!

Chore charts are great! Now, for the most important part of a chore chart, Incentives!!!! Create a list of incentives that you put up for each member. Make them member specific and try not to use money. If you have younger kids who love bubble baths, maybe make it a long bubble bath if all chores done! If they love an after bath snack, then Friday if all chores done they can have a PJ snack! If they have a favorite movie, they get to watch it and stay up a little later! If they have a favorite hike, park, or game you can make that their surprise. Whatever you make the incentive, DO NOT USE IT FOR ANYTHING ELSE OR GIVE IT EARLY!!!!!!!!!

You are now set and ready to go assign some chores and start the New Year!

Abby Billings is a daycare provider, mom blogger, wife, and mother of 2 human plus 3 fur-babies! She looks to make each day creatively structured around the kids growth.

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misty farmer
misty farmer
11 years ago

Good ideas! Gotta make me one for my 3 girls!

11 years ago

Theses are some really great ideas, My mother actually did something similar with me and my sisters when we were younger. But i have a few question is 6yr old to young for chores or even four year old they like to help out but i don’t know what kind of chores to give them. my oldest does do dishes and that’s about it for now any ideas would help thanks 😛