The Dangers of Mold Damage in your Home


A house becomes home with its lush interiors, good furniture, and beautiful walls, but as it is said, nothing is perfect furniture can get rusted, walls can develop molds. Molds bring potential danger with them, which can be harmful to you and the people living in your home. Mold removal apex NC is an organization that judges the mold’s toxicity if we submit a sample of the mold. They also provide mold removal remediation services in the US. You can also judge the dangers associated with the mold. For that, it is important to have prior knowledge about types of mold. 

Firstly, we will look at the type of mold that can frequently occur in your home.

Types of mold 

Aspergillus- This type of mold can be seen on food items such as bread. It is a type of fungus that occurs on bakery items. It is either green or black. 

Cladosporium- It can be seen behind toilets or under the washbasins. It is usually black or dark green. It has a bad odor. 

Stachybotrys (black mold)– this type of mold occurs in areas with excessive moisture or wet areas like walls, cabinets, wooden flooring, and wallpapers. Black mold can have a major reaction to the health of the individual.

Dangers of mold damage 

The mold in your home may look like a minor thing, but it can result in major damage to your home and, most importantly, health.

Mold damage has a direct impact on the health of individuals. It can have psychological and also physical effects on individual health.

In the Aspergillus mold, which occurs on bakery items, it can cause food poisoning and vomiting. 

Molds that occur on walls and in toilets cause severe damage to health. Initially, the symptoms include red and watery eyes, itching on the skin. 

It can make you feel both nauseous and vomitish.

Some molds have a very bad odor, which can cause a headache. Also, because of the bad smell, the contaminants start floating in the air, resulting in air pollution, which can cause breathing problems. Continued disclosure to it can harm the lungs.

Another danger from mold damage can be a change in the blood pressure. It can result in chronic heart disease. 

It also has psychological effects such as it causes irritation, mood swings, anxiety, and feeling angry at petty things. 

Steps to be taken for mold removal Prevention 

  1. Purchase bakery items by looking at the expiry date beforehand. Consume them before expiry, and if that exceeds their expiry date, do not consume them.
  2. Two, keep a check on the humidity of the rooms in your home. Accumulation of moisture can result in mold. If the humidity is excessive, you can use a humidifier to minimize the humidity.
  3. Whenever you get a whitewash of your home walls, make sure to get waterproofing done. There are also mold-free technologies available nowadays, which is very helpful that can be used during the whitewash.  
  4. Suppose you live on the ground flat or in the cellar. Get a plastic sheet installed first before the flooring is done to avoid water accumulation on the floor. 

Molds are natural, it can occur anywhere anytime, and as you can see, they are dangerous for your health, but you don’t need to worry too much. Mold removal is easy. You can do it yourself, but if it is severe, you should call for professional help. You can follow the prevention tips so that the mold does not occur in the first place.

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