Essential Tools for Making Delicious Pizza


Pizza has been known for centuries as a food of the Italian poor before its triumphant rise. This sort of food shouldn’t be hard to make at home. And it will not make anything fantastic to enjoy your own homemade pizza.

If you have no pizzaiolo experience but want to try, here is a brief instruction on what you will need to bake homemade pizza. Recipes are easy to find all over the Internet, but they are of any use only if you have the necessary tools. And here is the list. No need to fear: we will not recommend you that specialized equipment they use in pizzerias. Most of these instruments are quite versatile and great for cooking other foods as well. You can find a huge variety of tools at and select the ones that suit your home best.

For Preparations

When you prepare ingredients for your pizza, you will need the following:

  • A kitchen scale. Probably, you already have it at home, so it’s the most important and the easiest to get. Just follow the recipes and measure the quantities specified.
  • A good knife and a cutting board. Chances are you have them too unless you are equipping your new kitchen from scratch.
  • A bench scraper. This is a specific tool that will help you clear your table and your cutting board from dough pieces stuck to them. Not that it’s necessary, but cleaning without it will be way harder.

For Making Dough

The dough is the basic ingredient of the pizza, while all the others are irreplaceable to a certain extent. You can imagine a vegetarian pizza, a pizza without cheese, and even – mamma mia! – with no tomatoes at all. But without a base, it’s all just a salad.

So, what you need:

  • A mixer with a special dough hook. If you want it very traditional, you can mix the dough by hand. But a mixer will just save your time.
  • A pizza peel. You can have a dedicated one or just a large cutting board for it. A bit of flour on it will prevent sticking. When the toppings are on the base, this peel is irreplaceable when putting it into the oven.

A Pizza Oven

There are both indoor and outdoor ovens, using wood, gas, or coal as the fuel. Indoor pizza ovens can be electric (though it contradicts the tradition and seems unacceptable for purists). Anyway, a real pizza oven is the most specialized tool. 

Serving Tools

  • A serving peel is usually a metal one. It’s about the same size as the cooking peel, but it’s way thinner to easily grab the pizza out of the oven.
  • A pizza wheel is necessary to cut it the most accurate way. You can do it just with a knife, but a wheel will not harm the topping like knives often do.

Table Talk

Well, now you are ready to cook a pizza with your own hands (no matter how Italian you are) and serve it to your guests. Let’s have a little talk. Have you ever cooked pizza? Did or do you find these tools necessary? Which other ones would you recommend? Do you prefer a homemade pizza or that from pizzerias?

Drop a comment to let us know what you like the most about it. If you have some pizzaiolo stories in your archive, we’d like to hear them too. And share it with your friends who you’d like to visit for a freshly cooked pizza.

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Varun Sharma
3 years ago

Pizza is my favorite fast food. Pizza is emotion.

Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper
3 years ago

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