How to handle a bed bugs infestation in your home?


The prospect of bed bug infestation can cause the most cool-headed person to snap out. A level headed and practical advice is essential if you suspect a bed bug infestation at your house. Below are a few tips for you to handle the infestation:

Keep Panic at Bay

If you suspect bed bugs, the prime step is not to panic. Do not move the furniture out of the room, and do not throw the mattresses out in the environment. Also, don’t rip up carpets, and maintain a cool head to evaluate your options. Stay unanimous on one fact that even if your home has bed bugs, try to remain calm, and do not carry out any decision in haste.

Bed bugs spread quickly and have the ability to leave itchy bite marks and spoil furniture and bedding. They are also expensive to eradicate and cause social stigma. It causes psychological distress in people. However, they do not pose a significant threat to the health of the person as they do not transmit disease. Experts consider that bed bugs are a less threat in comparison to other blood-feeders, including ticks and mosquitoes.

Identify the Bed Bugs

There are a lot of bed bug lookalikes, such as spider beetles, carpet beetles, bat bugs, and roach nymphs. Bed bugs generally hide during the day time and get active from nightfall. You can grab a flashlight and check the crevices, cracks, screw holes, nail holes, seams, furniture joints, and mattress tags. Also, check the bed frame and baseboards near the bed. There is nothing very distinctive about bug bites; therefore, the best option is to check their fecal stains on your mattresses and baseboards. Their feces are characteristically brown to black in color and with a dot-like appearance. Bed bugs are noticeable to the naked eye, and you will see them directly without any hassle.

Bringing in the Right Help

Experts do not recommend any do-it-yourself bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are mostly resistant to DIY insecticides and can scatter the bugs, making the problem more potential. Proven treatment methods include the utilization of heat, steam, dusting powders, and growth-inhibiting chemicals. Temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit kill the adult bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs. All such treatment methods need professional-grade equipment and machinery, with expert care and training.  

You can hire a pest control operator who will schedule the treatment. Take a little time to research companies. Not all pest control operators are equal. It is necessary to stay wary of one-size-fits-all treatment options. Make sure you enquire about all details with the operator. Make sure to hire an operator that provides follow-up treatments and inspections. Effective treatment measures for bed bugs include a multi-prolonged approach, including at least three checks and subsequent treatment methods at two-week intervals.

Moreover, you can also contact an exterminator. Bed bug exterminator inspects your house for proof and suggests you many treatment options. Beware of pest control operators and exterminators that schedule treatment without a round of inspection. To standardize treatment methods, many public and private organizations set standards for pest control companies and exterminators.

How to Clean and Kill the Bed Bugs?

If you have a few extra days until professional treatment, you can clean the infested areas and kill the bugs. DIY methods include rollers, vacuuming, and removing with tapes. Although these are not as effective as a professional treatment, you can carry out these methods for the time being. However, one should remember that disposal is crucial to prevent the bugs from escaping and spreading.


If you stay in an attached house or an apartment, it is wise you communicate effectively with other mates. A part of an effective treatment includes coordinating inspections with the neighbors. Bed bugs can move between houses that share a wall. Therefore, it is critical to inspect adjacent homes to put barrier chemicals to prevent the spread.

Prevent the Spread

The best solution to prevent the spread of bed bugs from your room to the outside environment is to limit the things you carry out of your dwelling. In addition to that, do not share the bedding stuff with your friends, roommates, and co-workers. Go out in a minimalistic way and carry a single bag in and out of the house. Before moving out, check the bag’s exterior and make sure there are no signs of bed bugs.

Hiring a reliable pest control operator and exterminator to help you get rid of bed bugs is essential. One should involve a registered professional to treat your bed bug dominated dwelling. Avoid the internet abounds and the so-called miracle cures and rely on professional help. Since bed bugs might get resistant to pest insecticides, one should avoid these DIY insecticides that can only make the problem worse.

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