The best home renovation Singapore trends you can opt-in for


Homeowners renovating their houses in 2019 have an extensive list of home decor trends to select from! Every homeowner wants to walk into a home space that reflects their ideology, choice, and persona. With the best home decor trends, you can attain this and many more. Do you have a plan? If not, you can select some ideas from the Singapore home renovation patterns!

Usually, the home renovation Singapore patterns and trends are all in for sophisticated and chic ideas. So, if you always wanted to make the most of contemporary decor, this is the best trend for you. And there are plenty of options to choose from. However, discussed below are four crucial Singapore home decor trends that you can opt-in for.

  • Dark, warm and bright colors are in

The simple shapes and light hues are one of the best trends today! Also, in 2019, you can celebrate the advent of a wide array of colors that you can consider as well. If you want to stay true to the Singapore home renovation trend, then the bent is towards the bright, deep, and warm shades.

Do you more of whites, cream whites and pure whites as your current home colors? If yes, then you might want to make a switch to the classy light brows and beiges for a more refreshing look. Today, the affinity towards the cool greys is fading, making you welcome the warm and rosy hues. Also, here you need to opt-in for the primary colors, for instance, yellow, blue, and shades of crimson to make your room appear more vibrant.

  • The trend sustainability

Over the years, the home decor trends have witnessed the immense success of the disposable culture elements from reputed home decor design companies. Today, the world attaches more importance to sustainability. Hence, you need to say yes to environment-friendly and enduring furniture designs that are popular as well as address the basic human needs as well.

Elements like clay, rice paper, and jute are fantastic materials for home decor trends, and they are sustainable. You have the chance to re-work the old items and get a brand-new home.

  • More textures and patterns used

Minimal decor is still a popular trend! However, the maximalist home decor trend too is catching up fast. If you want, you envision for a while the way straight bending edges would add the necessary softness and warmth to your house. Also, take time to think for a while the way shapes and colors will add an exciting touch to your place. It might appear intricate at a level, but it certainly is more appealing than any other trend. A simple application is to make use of boldly designed backsplash in your kitchen space or the living room flooring. You might want to imagine how this will make the room appear intricate and attractive at the same time. The other design idea that you can experiment with is to use a metal blend for creating a textured and layered space.

  • Elaborate spaces are in huge demand

Today, most individuals and homeowners want to opt-in for detailed home space and size. In recent times, the homes are getting space crunched. And this, in turn, maximizes demand for more significant areas. One of the best ways in which you can make your room appear bigger is by selecting the storage space. Here the collapsible design comes to great use. Think about the pull—out vanities, the pop-up dining spaces and the hidden doorways are an excellent example of this design trend. If you want, you can also opt-in for other in-built structures such as a fixed cabinet that get used for the storage space permanently.

That is not all. There’s also another casual and straightforward way to resolve all your storage requirements. Think about an option where you can get your items packaged and store up in a warehouse. Here you will have the chance to get the same back as and when you require them. For most people, this is a unique lifestyle to opt-in for. You need to be aware of the charge so that you can add it to your home renovation budget. If it’s easy on your pockets, you can say yes to this and explore similar trends.

There are more Singapore home renovation trends that you can opt-in for! You have the option to color your walls in more chic hues and use sleeker and modish wall hangings and other decorative items. Some decor trends also uniquely use mirrors. Hence, you need to pick and choose the trends that best befits your home space and design pattern. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of your home space and compatibility with the design patterns you are about to select. To get the best guidance and assistance, it is always better to opt-in for a professional home decor service provider. You can share your requirements and choose the service provider that provides you the best guidance.

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