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Boys are a handful. They are more complicated than a lot of people think. They need specific things that girls don’t and don’t require other things that girls do. When you are trying to impart life skills to your son, sometimes it is better to lead from behind. Boys are ravenous. They can be destructive. 

However, when you teach them specific things early on in life, they will carry this knowledge with them for the rest of their lives. One way to do this is through the products you buy for them. There are lessons to be learned through consumerism, commodities, and how we value ourselves. Below are four products to buy for your son.

Boxer Briefs

One of the most important things to teach your son is that they should invest in the most important basics. Truly, what’s more important than underwear? It’s vital to show your son that you invest in yourself first by giving yourself the comfort and ability to do what they need to do in life. Not only should good underwear be supportive, but it should also be comfortable. It should keep him dry and mobile.

Boxer briefs are probably the best version of this. They offer structure but comfort. There is less restriction than briefs and more support than loose boxers. Ask most guys what kind of underwear they prefer. Most of them will tell you that they like the hybrid—boxer briefs. When you’re a mom, it can be difficult to know this male stuff and if you don’t have a husband around there is no one to ask. Regardless, when in doubt buy your son nice boxer briefs and show him the difference between cheap and quality.

Supportive Shoes

Shoes are another basic item that should be emphasized to your son. Good footwear is a game changer. Not only should you prioritize good shoes for your son, but you should invest in them. You should buy multiple pairs of shoes for different purposes. You should emphasize the fact that high-quality shoes last longer, and they will last longer than that if they are used at different times. When you show your son the gap between quality shoes and cheap ones, they will likely stick with this for the rest of their lives. Over time, it isn’t more expensive to buy cheap footwear. It’s a better choice to invest in them.

A Sturdy Outdoor Hat

It doesn’t matter whether you like the outdoors or not, when you have a son it’s important to take them outside. Just the sun in their eyes and the wind through their hair is good for them, not to mention the benefits that come from exercising outside. Even if you hate going outside, you should recognize the healthy thing for your kids is to spend time outdoors. They will begin to love it, and so will you.

One great product to buy for them that will encourage this mindset is an outdoor hat. While the sun is good for you, it is also damaging to the skin. A strong, durable hat that covers the face and neck will incept the idea that both being outdoors is good while showing them that nature is brutal. The combination between experiencing nature and going out into the world is huge. It will impart wisdom into your child.

A Bike

Continuing with this idea, another item that children love is a bicycle. It’s one thing you can get behind. A bike ride gets them outside, amongst the natural world, exercising and enjoying themselves. You can ride with them or just watch. A bike is a great item for your child to have because it is good for them. It gives them experience and life skills. It will enable them to understand things about the world. They will fall and get hurt, but important lessons come from failure. Just make sure to explain why helmets matter. A bike is a great thing to buy your son.

When it comes to consumerism, commodities, investing in yourself, and generally cultivating life skills, there are lessons to be taught through the products you buy for your son. Putting some money into these things is a good idea, and explaining why you did that will help you son become a great man.

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