5 Spa Gift Ideas for Men


On average, men work 41 hours a week, which means there are many that go well over that number. That, plus regular everyday responsibilities, can quickly make the man in your life tired and stressed out.

There might not be much you can do to lessen that burden for him, but at least you can treat him out to some pampering. Spa gifts are always nice!

If you need some spa gift ideas, then you’re in luck. Here are 5 you can use for your loved one!

1. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

After spending long hours in the office, your man might have aches and pains all over, but especially in his neck and shoulders.

While you can always offer to give him a massage, a massager might do a better job. Plus, he can bring out the contraption whenever he’s feeling achy, without having to bother you.

2. Bath Set

What’s a spa day without a steamy bath? The ultimate spa gift for men would be a nice set of bath bombs and salts.

With a nice selection, your guy can get into the tub and pick the perfect scent to enjoy some aromatherapy. It just might be the thing that encourages him to take more baths in the future!

3. Alcohol Set

Many people like to relax in the tub with a nice glass of wine or whiskey, so make sure your man’s set with everything he needs by gifting him an alcohol set.

Some ideas here include whiskey stones, decanters, mini alcohol bottles, and a cocktail shaker set. You can even throw in some snacks like chocolates and pretzels so he has something to munch on while he sips!

4. Fluffy Slippers and a Robe

Once your man gets out of the cozy bath, he’ll want to bundle up but still feel comfy. One of the best things here is fluffy slippers, as well as a plush robe. If you can afford both, then go for it!

All too often, spa ideas involve pampering activities but then forget about keeping the person comfortable afterward. Giving your guy the slippers and robe will show you’ve really thought things through.

5. Pamper Hamper

If you have too many ideas swimming around in your head (or on the flip side, you have none!), then a pamper hamper is always a good idea! Pros put together some fantastic hampers that look neat and well-organized.

For example, a mens pamper hamper will contain bath bombs, aromatherapy salts, soap bags, volcanic lava stones, and even beard oil and shaving soap. Your man will have everything he needs to kick back and relax on the most stressful days in his life!

Pamper Him With These Spa Gift Ideas

Look no further for spa gift ideas, because we’ve got all the best ones above. From a neck and back massager to an overflowing pamper hamper, you’ll be able to spoil the man in your life with the ultimate spa gift!

If you need more ideas on gifts for men, then be sure to read our other posts!

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