The Best Gift Ideas Your 3-Year-Old Will Love


A great way to choose the best gift for someone is by knowing what their interests and hobbies are. But this can become challenging when you’re choosing gifts for kids, especially if they haven’t established their favorite things yet. However, you can use this to your advantage as you can introduce children to new objects through your gift, and there’s a higher possibility that they’ll love and appreciate it.

Children aged 3 are thrilled to learn different skills and experiences. Is through this that they will develop their character. As a parent, you know your child best and depending on their personality, there is always the perfect gift waiting to be unwrapped. Here are some of the best gift ideas that your 3-year-old will surely love:

RC Cars

If you’re considering buying toys for 3 year old boys, RC cars are an excellent option. While most RC vehicles don’t come with a modest price tag, you’ll have to buy one that’s worth the money. Since 3-year-olds are incredibly adventurous and playful, the RC car should have a compact and durable design that can resist shock and water. This way, the toy vehicle will remain strong and intact despite extreme falling, throwing, and being submerged in water.

Keep in mind to find an RC car with huge components that don’t present choking hazards. Check the label on the box to make sure that the one you’re buying is safe and age-appropriate.

Board Games, Card Games, and Puzzles

One of the best gifts that you can pass onto your child is learning and education. Through board games and puzzles, you can enhance your child’s cognitive, problem-solving, communication, and analytical thinking skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Moreover, these games and puzzles can instill values like patience, concentration, and communication.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to exercise your child’s visual coordination. They come in a wide range of pieces, but it’s better to start with less than a hundred pieces. As jigsaw puzzles are time-consuming, it will significantly improve your child’s patience in completing them. For your child to love the puzzle even more, choose ones that are designed with their favorite cartoon characters, favorite animals, or even a personalized family picture.

Aside from puzzles, board games like Colorama can significantly your child’s cognitive abilities, color coordination, and communication. Colorama is played by matching different colors and shapes into their corresponding squares, which can help your child incorporate both the elements of shape and color to win the game. They can also play this game with other children to develop their social skills and form healthy relationships.

Toy Instruments

While your child is still young and developing, why not try to find their skills and passion for music? As early as two years old, you can start introducing your child to different toy instruments. This musical beginning helps them hone simple skills until they can perform more advanced one as they try to choose their musical path eventually.

Children aren’t yet capable of fully understanding the principles of playing instruments. Thus, the sole goal of letting your child play toy instruments is for them to enjoy, communicate, and express. This musical beginning can increase your child’s self-esteem and develop self-expression, which are both valuable traits that will help them as they grow up.

Art Corner

Lastly, the best gift that your 3-year-old child can probably receive is an organized and customized art corner inside your home that is dedicated for their art explorations. Art and creativity are skills and abilities that your child can learn even at an early age. Even the great Pablo Picasso once said that it took him “four years to paint like Raphael” but spent “a lifetime to paint like a child.” Any beautiful artwork can never be like a child’s painting.

Even though children aren’t aware of what they’re creating, they love to splash paint and draw abstract sketches everywhere, opening their sense of freedom and self-happiness. As children hold a paintbrush, their motor skills and coordination begin to work hand in hand. Their capacity to recognize colors in palettes and crayons is a sign of visual memory and perception. Through art, children’s minds can work in limitless ways, resulting in adorable, hilarious, and beautiful art pieces.


Some people may think that choosing a gift for a child is extremely easy, but it’s not always the case. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenging process as what you give can highly influence a child’s learning and development. Don’t worry too much when your child creates a mess during playtime, as this is part of the great process of growing up.

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