4 Essential Tips to Choose the Perfect Dinner Party Venue in Florida


Dinner parties are a delight. Cleaning up afterward – not so much.

Did you know that the average person already spends 6 hours a week cleaning their house? That’s 13 days a year! Don’t waste your life tidying up.

When a celebration is looming, find a dinner party venue to cater for your guests so you can enjoy yourself too. Here’s how to pull it off.

1. Choose a Group-Friendly Dinner Party Venue

If you want to host a memorable dinner party, showing up at the nearest restaurant brandishing a birthday cake just won’t do.

Do some research about group friendly restaurants in your area first. If you’re inviting guests with children, make sure that the venue can accommodate youngsters. A kiddies menu and a supervised play area are ideal.

2. Privacy and Exclusivity

Lapping up the vibe in the main dining room can be fun, however, it’s not always the best bet for large groups. If you have a lengthy guest list, renting a restaurant or private dining room is the best option. That way you’re assured of your hosts’ undivided attention.

Another pleasing alternative is hiring a private dining room within a restaurant. These exclusive function rooms are specifically equipped to deal with group dining events featuring special menus and dedicated serving staff.

3. Questions to Ask

Always choose a restaurant that has a designated party planner. Discuss your event with them in detail beforehand.

Some of the things to clear up ahead of time include:

  • Availability on the day
  • All the costs involved as well as any extras
  • Payment criteria such as deposit amount and final payment date
  • The final date that you need to confirm the number of attendees

When you’ve ironed out all the details, send your invitations as soon as possible. This gives you plenty of time to adjust your arrangements accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep in regular contact with your planner in the days preceding your grand celebration. As in all things, communication is key.

4. Deciding on a Menu

Many venues will offer you a selection of menus to choose from. Unless you’re planning a buffet-style do, variety is key when choosing your selection of meals.

Remember, there are bound to be people in your party with special dietary requirements. Make sure that your menu can accommodate them.

It’s a good idea to choose multiple dishes for each course, featuring a choice of meat, fish, and vegetarian meals for your appetizer and main course.

Dessert is a lot more flexible, but remember to include a fruit option for those that want to avoid dairy-rich desserts. If you want to feature a cake, find out if you can bring your own.

A cocktail or a few bottles of wine for anyone who arrives early is a nice touch, and coffee or a nightcap is a good way to end the meal. 

One Final Thing

The most important part of hiring a dinner party venue for your event is to relax and enjoy it. The restaurant will make sure that everything runs smoothly, leave them to it and enjoy the fruits of all your planning.

If you want to know how to succeed at most things, keep reading our blog or sign up to our newsletter for more handy tips.

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