The Benefits of Doing What You Love


Are people who do what they love happier? We’re told they are. Their list of benefits includes better health, better relationships, better life. The idea is that, if we do what we love, our stress will lower, we’ll appreciate the little things more, and overall, we’ll be kinder people. Those things can improve the way we love our kids, how much we appreciate our spouse, and how we treat our coworkers. Since stress is related to several health issues, living a stress-free life can improve our well being. How simple is it, though, to do what we love? How practical?

If your dream career is one that pays money and has regular job openings available, there’s no reason to not switch. You may thrive on the idea of a career in psychology, a career as a chef, or a career working with engines. If you can love what you do in a career like this, go for it. Get the training. Get an ASE Automotive Degree with NYADI. Get a degree in psychology. Get a degree in the culinary arts. Whatever your passion, if it’s a realistic career, you deserve that chance.

Not everyone can do what they love, however, and in fact, some experts argue against it. Many people would love a creative career, but, the argument goes that they would be better off doing something practical since some prized careers tend to be competitive and low salary. Your average middle schooler, when asked, will likely report that he or she wants to be famous. Sometimes doing what we love doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. You may not grow up to be an actor or a painter, but you can do work you find fulfilling. It just won’t look like what you originally thought.

For those not able to make a career something that they love, they can still experience all of the benefits. Doing what you love doesn’t have to apply only to career. You can do what you love in your free time, and those lower stress levels and improved relationships can still be a part of your life. Take time to paint or make pottery if you love visual art, and take regular vacations if you love to travel. Explore Henry County or tour the South of France. Volunteer. Make a history podcast. Not everyone should do what they love as a career, but everyone should do what they love. Recall your passion and invest in it regularly. You’ll likely see a steady improvement in your quality of life.

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