Hospitality Hurdles – What Goes Into Opening a B&B?


Hospitality cannot be learned. It’s in your blood or it’s not. The desire to host, entertain and impart an experience to another individual is something special. But when you know you have the spirit of hospitality, how do you actually open a B&B and know that your product meets the market expectation? Fortunately guest desires are not too hard to discern, so make sure you address these four key offerings.


It’s truly a sign of the times. You could have a B&B with the greatest view in the world, buy your guests will still ask about WiFi codes and how to use the television. Making sure you have your connectivity sorted through matv installation in Melbourne will be an important item to tick off the list early. The bare minimum that your guests will be expecting is WiFi in all public areas and all of the local TV channels, plus a few movie ones to curl up on the couch and watch. If you keep some chargers and international adapters on hand in your reception, you will make fast friends with your guests.

Capitalising on location

Your location is the reason your guests are there. Yes the beds are comfortable, but you should be leveraging on the entertainment venues in the area, the views that only you can boast, and anything else that gives your BnB an edge. Partnering with local attractions and tourism bodies might give you the starting kick you need, and you will be perceived as a trusted advisor to your current and future guests. Fitting out your public areas with maps and brochures might seem old-hat but you would be surprised at just how many are used by those in house.

Find a delicious offering

Once they are in the hotel, the work is over, right? Wrong! You can always be capturing your guests movements further and keeping them in the BnB for breakfast and dinner will increase their spend and cement that relationship with the guest. If you have had ordinary hotel food before, you will know that it’s not as simple as just cooking it up and serving it. Your guests are on holidays, they want to be wooed and they want something that is delicious. Add local ingredients that are native to the area for added kudos with your guests.

Know your USP

Ok, what made your guests choose your BnB? If you cannot answer that question… You may be in some trouble! Knowing your unique selling proposition is the recipe to your success. Is it your dedicated and friendly service that is second to none in the region and beyond? Or maybe it is your eclectic design with artwork for sale in the rooms and public spaces? Or you could just be nestled on the river, the perfect location for proposals and romantic escapes. Find out and market this to the greater community.

There really is no greater industry to get into than that of hospitality. It’s where guests make memories, and you the host can be etched in their history for the rest of their lives. Opening your own BnB isn’t as easy as it may sound and there may be some bugs and growing pains to start with. If it is a true passion, keep at it and make sure the four offerings above are addressed from day one.

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