4 Items You Might Not Have Thought About Buying Online


The internet is a wonderland of marketplaces to buy all kinds of items. However, there are some things that it is still hard to believe you can buy online and get the same thing as the same quality you could if you went to a brick and mortar store.

Some of this is because we want to try things on and see what they look like on us before we pay too much for them. There are solutions to these things, and more companies are exploring how to entice customers to buy things they normally would in person over the internet.

A part of this is the rise of virtual and augmented reality, which makes it possible to “see” what things would look like on you, and apps that will help you take exactly body measurements so that your items fit just as you would expect them to.

Here are a few things you may not have considered buying online that are easier than ever to get through the internet.


There are a couple of good choices when it comes to buying clothing online. First, you can get to know your size by doing some precise measurements, and then order them knowing ahead of time they are likely to fit. Or you can subscribe to programs like Stitch Fix for women or Bombfell for men and try on clothing and return what you don’t want. This helps you not only determine your size, but also your style.

Besides subscription boxes, there are sites that specialize in everything from big and tall men to specialty women’s clothing. There are even sites for socks and underwear, things you might never think about picking up online.

From your simplest items to evening wear and suits, you can find great clothing online, return what does not fit, and skip the awkward (and probably germ filled) dressing room.


While there have always been cheap jewelry sites online and some big box retail stores had websites where you could make some purchases, in the recent past online jewelry shopping has become even more popular.

One of the reasons is that everyone knows big brand retailers deal in huge margins, have to cover the cost of having a physical store and hold huge sales on a regular basis to draw customers in.

Online stores have none of those costs and often offer jewelry at exceptional prices. You can find cheap engagement rings, discounted gems and necklaces, and more by simply searching on reputable jewelry sites.

Next time you think of buying a ring or any kind of jewelry, consider looking online first. Just be sure you know what you are getting, look at the fine print, and know your sizes before you order.


There are a ton of shoe sites on the internet now, and many offer foot measuring apps that can get you closer to the size you should be wearing than a brick and mortar shoe store, especially with the lack of what was once a professional sales staff.

Like jewelry stores, online shoe stores don’t have the expense of a space at the mall to pay for, and the overhead of personnel. Most items they will have in stock, even if you are an odd size, or can order them dropped shipped to your home from the manufacturer.

Taking good foot measurements and comparison shopping can get your great deals on shoes that also fit when you are shopping online.

Personal Health Needs

Still buying your laundry soap at the store? How about your shampoo, soap, and hair care products? Picking up your razors at the drug store or where you shop for groceries?

You are probably getting ripped off on price, and thanks to things like the Amazon Dash buttons, you can automatically re-order this type of items when you run out, saving yourself a trip to the store beside the money you will save.

You can find almost anything online, and if you are careful you can save money and time, even on things you would normally go purchase in person. Try these four items for yourself.

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