The Benefits Of A Custom Engagement Ring


When we ask ourselves what love is, a whole range of cliched answers come to mind. Ripped off the front of a Hallmark card, little snapshots with neat tidy sentiment. Love is a many splendored thing, love is a game, love is the answer, love is friendship that is caught on fire…. 

There are also many images that spring to mind when we think of love: one perfect rose, an outstretched hand, chocolate cake or even a ring. 

Long story short? Love is unique, as is each individual love story and, to honor the uniqueness of your own love story, you might consider investing in a custom engagement ring.

Not yet convinced? Here are the 4 benefits of buying a custom engagement ring.

The Romance Of It All

Your proposal should be one of the most romantic moments of your entire life with all the power of fairy lights, candles, rose petals and Rosemary Clooney combined! You’ve likely planned every element of your proposal down to the finest details – whether it’s going to be at a restaurant, at a secluded spot in nature, on holidays – the entire event will be molecularly engineered for peak romance.

When it comes to engagement rings, a custom design is the most romantic of them all. Not only will a custom engagement ring act as proof of your commitment to your partner but the fact that you went to the extra lengths of designing the ring shows that you’re willing to invest your own time and energy as well as money to ensure that they have a ring that’s just as beautiful as they are. When you customize a ring you can make sure it reflects elements of your relationship, whether it’s engraved with the date you met or designed to resemble their parents rings or reflective of a special memory you share together, it makes your ring special and a thousand times more romantic. 

Another romantic benefit of a custom engagement ring is that you know it will be unique and not mass produced? Did you ever have the uniquely mortifying experience of showing up to a party in the exact same outfit as someone else? Now imagine that experience but with an engagement ring! For most of us, an engagement ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry we own – it just makes sense to make sure that it’s unique to just you! 

Quality Guaranteed

When you’re proposing to a high-quality individual, you want to do it with a high-quality ring. When you’re designing your own ring you’re in control of absolutely every element of the production, from the clarity of your gemstone to the metal it’s set in. Having control over this many elements of your ring allows you to have absolute control over the quality of the final product.  

Make The Most Of Your Budget

Everything about weddings is insanely expensive from the venue to the cake to the ring itself, hell, even the flowers are expensive and they literally grow on trees! When you’re committing to the significant financial hit that comes with throwing a wedding you know that every penny counts.

When you design your own custom engagement ring you are in control of every element from the quality down to the price of materials. The key thing here is that you get to choose what’s important to you and which elements you really want to spend your money on, do you care more about the quality of the stone than the metal it’s set in? Easy you can spend most of your budget on gemstones and have them set in a simple silver! When you’re designing your own ring it’s all in your hands (pun, regrettably, intended!). 

Get What You’re Really Looking For

Engagement rings are a deeply personal thing and chances are you know exactly what you’re looking for. While some people are perfectly content spending hours looking through rings that might be almost right, in our opinion it’s much smarter to just cut out the middleman and design your own ring. 

Your proposal will likely be the crown jewel of your romance the moment you transition from partners to fiances and commit to each other for life. You’ll want to make sure every element of your proposal is as perfect as it can be and, in our books, a custom engagement ring is the perfect way to do that! Plus, just imagine how romantic the story will sound when you tell the grandkids!

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