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Having a toddler should never be a reason for any parent to stop being active. There are many devices designed to help active parents carry on with their normal lives without having to sacrifice the things they like. And one of that lifesaver equipment is the Bumbleride Indie.

Bumbleride Indie is a 3-wheeled terrain pushchair, made by Bumbleride for the more active parents. This allows parents to continue with their daily fit and active lives without having to change a thing. Just because you have a toddler doesn’t mean that you cannot go to the beach or out hiking.

With this all-terrain push stroller, nothing can stop you from your regular outdoor activities and adventures. They are easy to use and are one of the few you can get for your kid from an infant to a toddler. Here are some of the features and the characteristics, the stroller comes with;

Safe For Infants

The stroller is purposely created for Infants and Toddlers. This means you can use it since your child’s bath. It is also convenient on the go; it is car-seat and bassinet compatible and your infant child can lie flat without any attachment. However, keep in mind you will have to get the car seat adapter separately.

Great For Toddlers

Bumbleride Indie is one of the strollers you will get when your child is born and use it several years later. It has an adjustable footrest, small footprint, deep footwell, a lie-flat seat which allows for great naps, and is easy to maneuver in shallow spaces.

Great For Adventure

If you value family trips, hiking, bonding time by the beach, taking a walk by the street, or walking your dog in the park, you don’t have to sacrifice that to be with your baby at home. Bumbleride Indie got you covered. It gives you the freedom to go on adventures and to explore.

It is made with air-filled tires which are ready for any adventures ahead. It also has an all-wheel suspension which allows for great smooth rides. Another great feature it has is the large cargo basket which is great storage; you can keep groceries, diapers, and just about any baby belongings and needs you need to carry with you.

Offers A 100% Safety

The Stroller is not called an all-terrain for nothing. The fact that it is adventure-friendly indicates its high-quality features; it has a secure footbrake, which is also flip flop friendly, the harness is 5-pt, and has great sun coverage so you can also be sure of protection from the sun.

It is also free from chemicals such as fire retardants, lead, phthalates, PVC, polyurethane foam, and more. You can rest easy knowing you are safe for the most part.

The Materials

The stroller is made of eco-materials. It is 100% RPET fabrics, is OEKO-TEX certified, and has 25% of its material recycled from fishing nets. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Stroller

Besides all the benefits, which are obviously some of the greatest benefits that come in handy when you get your baby a stroller, there are other things to put into consideration. Some of them are;

Your Budget

It could be easy to get carried and forget about the money you put aside for the stroller. What you want to do, not only when buying strollers but when you go shopping for anything is to stick to your budget. There would always be something for everyone in the market, no matter your budget.

Ease Of Lifting, Folding, And Storage

You want to be sure you can actually lift the stroller on your own just in case. There would always be instances when you need to lift and fold the stroller on your own, sometimes while holding the baby. Don’t buy it if you cannot manage it on your own.

Baby Requirements

Baby requirements range from how old your baby is, what their needs usually are, what you need to carry around, where you will go with the baby, a cup holder if need be, and stuff. Make sure the stroller has got everything you’ll require.

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