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You usually don’t see it coming. Termites can silently destroy your property and all the materials things that you value. It is then important for you to know the warning signs. You certainly cannot be ignorant of the telltale signs of a possible termite infestation. The most obvious manifestations include holes in the wood work of your house, wooden floors that sag or wooden foundations becoming shallow. If you notice signs like these, it would definitely be a wise decision to do some do-it-yourself termite control methods. Knowing pest control methods will certainly make your home more livable and prevent it from falling apart.

There are several ways to control termites. Here are some of the easiest and most popular that you can use if you feel and notice that termites have infested your home.

Check for hollowness in the wooden parts of your home.

This isn’t difficult to do. You just need a flashlight and a screwdriver to do this. You can start examining the crawlspaces in your basement, as well as the foundation beams. Check for hollowness by tapping on the wood. Use the steel end of the screwdriver to push into the wood. This is how you can test the strength of the wood. It is more likely that your home has been infested if your screwdriver goes through the wood or if it falls apart.

Use cardboard traps.

One significant fact that you need to understand when attempting termite control is that, termites actually feed on cellulose. This fact makes it easier for you set up a trap. All you need is a cardboard, or several of these. Cut the cardboard into flat strips. Make sure that they’re wet when you stack them in areas where you suspect the termites may be. Once the strips of cardboard have been infested, bring these in an area where you can burn them. You can do this method repeatedly until you get the desired results.

Use preventive measures.

They say that prevention is better than cure. You can always seal your windows and doorways. If there are cracks in any parts of your home, you can also seal these. This is the best way to prevent termites from invading your property. You can also screen your porch, windows and doors. Wood, landscaping items, and mulch will attract termites, so you may want to keep this away from the foundation of your house. It is also best to keep your home dry all the time.

All of these recommendations are considered to be quick fixes. You can combine these methods to have more efficient results. Otherwise, if the above methods didn’t work, you need to get help from a pest control professional, like the well-trained people of Pestbusters. Pestbusters is a pest control company that is considered to be one of the most trusted names in the industry. We make sure that all the members of our staff are always updated when it comes to technical and safety training. As an ISO-certified company, and recognized by the SPRING Singapore’s National Training Award and People Developer Standard Award, we will be able to cater to termite control and pest control in your property.

Angelina Tang works at PestBusters; a pest control management services company in Singapore. PestBusters was founded on the mission that the company would set the standard for the Pest Control Industry. Established in 1991, the company quickly became one of the most trusted names in the hospitality.

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