TAKING CARE OF THE ‘ME’ IN MOM-ME: Top 5 Reasons Moms Need A Momcation


I’ll be completely honest, I had to LEARN the practice of self-care. The concept of “putting on your oxygen mask first in order to be able to help others” is something that I embraced, but not fully practiced. The more I chat with other Moms, I find that I’m not alone in that department. Nor am I alone in experiencing Mom guilt, loneliness, regretting bad decisions made, frustration, regret, regret, doubt, regret, deprivation (sleep, socially, spiritually, intellectually)…did I say regret??? And there is no one to blame for such deprivation except for one’s self.

I had to regather myself and commit to REGULARLY practicing self-care. Not just as a luxurious gift, but rather something on a daily basis, big or small. I did it in different ways: taking a walk, working out, blasting music and dancing myself to a happy place, singing out loud (REALLY LOUD, lol, yeeees….that’s me, the crazy lady in the car next to you in traffic singing her heart out), occasionally saying YES to the ice cream and NO to the laundry pile, coloring, meeting up, or having Facetime with a Loved One or making PHONE CALLS instead of text messages (ya know, when you dial a 10-digit number, and you hear someone’s ACTUAL VOICE), going to live concerts (or watching one online…I wasn’t able to see Beyoncé at Coachella, but watching it from home – after the kids were asleep – GAVE ME LIFE!!), visiting art museums, galleries,…for me any kind of art is good for my soul and also just being in Nature. I’d get a facial, mani/pedi, or my hair done (or doing it myself if professional service isn’t in my budget…btw: I have lots of at-home facial recipes I’d love to share, just email me at [email protected] if you want me to send some your way) and that’s just a few the things I started doing on a consistent basis. Once I started to fill up my own cup, I wasn’t just running on fumes anymore (like us Super Women know how to do so well). I wasn’t just happily getting by, I began THRIVING. I realized self-care isn’t for VANITY, it’s for my SANITY! My constant joy overflows onto my husband, children and thankfully, HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS. And news flash, Mommas, when a Happy, Healthy Mommy is present and functioning, even the wildest child, the biggest mess, the loudest tantrum, or most challenging task can’t knock your peace of mind.

“They” say you can’t pour into others, when your personal jar is full…I say it’s time to fill ‘er up!

As I walked in this REJUVENATION, strength, confidence, courage (that was GUILT-FREE since my family truly benefited from it), I wanted to serve others what my soul was munching on! I wanted to invite everyone to this SELF-CARE BUFFET!!!

Through a comical conversation with a dear friend on one of those days, I shared with her the idea of going on a “Momcation”. We laughed and joked about how it didn’t matter where it was: a Motel 6, even in a Walmart parking lot; anywhere just to take a break from the norm…later that day, I texted her and said, “I think I’m going to do it…I’m going to plan a Spring Break…just for Moms…” Her reply: Don’t think, just do it. I know five Moms that would want to go right now! And that’s how SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS came about. More about SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS later, because first, I’d like to share…

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Momcation:
1. Forms of self-care should not be a luxury, it is a requirement to be a more patient, attentive, enthusiastic, fulfilled, happy, healthy Mom.
2. You will miss your children (and that’s okay), your children will miss you (and that’s okay). This will in turn increase appreciation on both sides.
3. Your children will have an opportunity to spend time and bond with others. Others will have an opportunity to bond with them. This is especially great for a spouse, grandparents, or close to have that special time.
4. Having solo time combined with positive social fellowship will boost your mood, confidence and motivation. You’ll return home refreshed!
5. Mom’ing is full time and it, like any other position, deserves vacation time.

¬“Boy, do I need a Momcation!” you might be thinking to yourself….Well, Super Mom, I have just what you need already planned!

SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS are retreats and road trips I’ve personally created especially with Moms in mind for relaxation, rejuvenation, great fun and great food.

After months of research and planning, I officially launched SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS at the end of January 2019, and already have 3 weekends planned! If want to be pampered, have some fun and/or some quiet solo time, your R&R awaits…I look forward to celebrating you and offering M.E. (Mommy Encouragement).

You can email me at [email protected] or stop by @MomcationSeries on IG for more info on SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS or just to hang and be a part of my virtual Mom Squad. You can also take a look at this quick video. It’s me (a personal Momcierge at YOUR service)!

If MOMCATIONS isn’t the answer for you at this time, my hope is to encourage you to normalize self-care, balance, and overall wellness (mind, body and soul). You will thank yourself, as will your family, friends and associates. You’ll likely ask what took you so long to start taking care of the ME in MomME.

With Love,
Bianca Rose
Mommy of 2 daughters (ages 5yo and 9mo)
Creator, Host & Momcierge/SWEET DREAMS MOMCATIONS

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Simply put, Bianca Rose is a: Hope Hustler, Married Mommy, Food Fanatic, Blogging Baker, and Nature Nut

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