Supporting Your Child When They Move Away from Home


It’s always a difficult time for parents when children fly the nest to go to university, on a gap year or travel abroad. Even if they’re only moving a few streets away, it’s still hard to adjust to them not being around 24/7.

While it can be a worrisome time for you, they will also be feeling nervous about their new experiences. Help your child (or ‘young adult’!) feel safe and secure on their adventures by following these tips on supporting them in their next steps.

Accompany Tthemon University Visits

…Or to house viewings, to travel agents, etc. Show that you’re just as excited as them and want to show your support.

Although they’re leaving the family home to become independent, they will still appreciate your opinion and wisdom when choosing a flat to rent or location to travel. Once they leave, they’re on their own, so help out while you can!

Ultimately, though, let them make the final decisions. It’s comforting for them to know that you support whichever direction they wish to take in their own lives.

Send Them Money Gifts

Wherever in the world, your child is, moving out is very expensive. Especially when moving to a new country and working out the new currency, your child may find that money is tight and could do with some cash for living costs.

Pangea Money Transfer is an app that allows you to send money to 15 countries across the globe, as long as the receiver has a local bank account (encourage your child to open a local bank account in their new country when studying or working abroad – keeping lots of cash on them is not a good idea.) This is the best, quickest and safest way to send money!

For instance, if they are doing charity work abroad, you can transfer money to India and other far-away locations for a flat fee of a few dollars. It lands in their account instantly, so they can pay bills, buy flights, and not worry about finances.

Buy a Surprise Moving-In Present

Setting up home from scratch is so expensive! You have to buy all new furniture, homely fixtures, décor, the lot. So, your child will be very appreciative if you buy them a thoughtful and useful gift, like a kettle, microwave, lamp, rug, or anything else that will make their new abode feel like home.

This also goes for when they are moving further afield. Maybe they need a new jumbo suitcase if they are traveling far and for a long time. Perhaps you can even purchase a flight on their behalf to help them on their way.

Whatever small or big way you can help, your child will be delighted at your thoughtfulness and the support you give.

Ensure You Can Keep in Touch Easily

Encourage your child to access the nearest phone and internet service as soon as they arrive at their new destination (particularly for those moving abroad). They might need to buy a new SIM card for their phone in their new country, so remind them to do this as soon as possible so you can be contacted at any time.

Make frequent phone calls to check on their progress (not too frequent to be overbearing though – maybe once a week!), but stress that you’re there to talk anytime they need.

If they’re in a hard-to-reach location, maybe sending letters will reach them best. These are a nice personalized touch, and people rarely receive handwritten letters these days, so it will be a lovely gesture.

Be Prepared to Pick Up the Pieces

If things don’t go as planned and they decide to move home again, be clear that this is fine, and you’ll welcome them back! It will only be temporary, so make the most of having them home.

It’s always a great feeling as a parent when your children are settled down and doing well, but life doesn’t always work that way. Reassure them that there are other opportunities out there and moving back home doesn’t equal failure.

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