Six Ways To Preserve Your Children’s Memories Forever


As moms, we know how important the little gestures can be. You know, like when the hubby washes up or takes the garbage out with asking. We don’t always need wild, romantic gestures like flowers or jewelry. Sometimes, taking care of the finer details is enough. Recently, I have been thinking about the kids growing up and how quickly time flies. I swear it was only yesterday that they were still in diapers! I am not one to dwell on the past, but those memories are so special to me and my family that I wanted to keep them forever, so I did. It was only a small gesture, yet it made all the difference.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

When I started to tackle their memories, I realized that half of the stuff looked like junk! To begin with, I was going to throw out half of the toys and clothes because they didn’t look important. Then, suddenly it hit me. Everything was important because everything in their room contributed to their childhood. Believe me; it is hard. Especially as a mom who is a bit of a clean freak! Still, it is well worth hoarding when you see the smile on their faces.

Store, And Then Store Some More

Unfortunately, not all of our homes are blessed with acres of storage space. If that is the case, you will need to get creative and think outside of the box. One great way to easily store their old toys are tins. A lot of my children’s toys are baseball cards and Pokémon cards and cards of all kinds. So, I just bought a couple Pokémon tins and baseball card tins. Not only do they store cards, but you can also fit a lot more into them, which makes them a Godsend.

Luckily, we have a garage and a basement, so we have options. If you are the same, invest in lots of cardboard boxes and get storing. Store them high and away from any damp or moisture to ensure they don’t get wet and start to rot. It doesn’t have to be a basement or a garage because an attic works, too.


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Take Photos

Just like our bodies, our memories age with time. As a result, we might struggle to remember the best times of our lives without even realizing. But, with a couple of well-taken photographs, you can preserve those memories forever. I am getting together all of the photos from my kid’s childhood and making a scrapbook. Hopefully, it will properly detail their time as kids and spark their memories of all the good times we had as a family. Plus, in the future they can add their photos as adults and as parents. I cannot wait!

I am a big believer of there being more to life than wealth and material objects. Of course, I aim to leave my kids as much as I can before I go. But, I also tend to leave them memories that will last a lifetime. That, I think, is worth much more than any amount of money.

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