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I always thought that oral hygiene started when a child grew teeth. That is far from the truth. Children today get cavities sooner than ever. A child close to me had to have a root canal at the age of five! That’s why proper dental hygiene is important to me. 

When my baby was born, we were concerned with his future teeth from the start. We cared properly for his gums, to ensure gum health. We cared for the first “pearly white” from the moment it peeped out. Now, M has most of his teeth and they are beautiful and healthy. Baby Buddy’s oral hygiene program was with us from the start. 

“The journey to healthy oral hygiene begins at birth.  As adults, we take the time to regularly brush and floss. We have to teach our children these same wonderful habits from the very beginning. Tooth Tissues® dental wipes is the first “buddy,” or Stage One, in our Baby Buddy Oral Care Program.”

What’s unique about Baby’ Buddy’s oral care program? 

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While most oral care products are designed for when the that first tooth peeks, Baby Buddy’s starts before that. Their tooth tissues are easy to use, and accompany your child for the first sixteen months of his or her life, or until the back molars arrive. At that point, you can transition to any of Baby Buddy’s transitional brushes. For proper dental hygiene you can check out TLC Dental Spa.

Baby Buddy Tooth tissues are easy to use. They come in packs of 30, or in 100 packs of individually wrapped tissues. They are made from all natural bamboo, and Xylitol, and are certified by the Natural Products Association. They are Fluoride free and Paraben free, with your baby or toddler’s best interests in mind. You can tell that the inventors know both teeth, and children – and indeed, they were created by dentists for their own children.

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5 Tips for proper dental hygiene from the start:

  1. Ensure healthy gums from the start by using Baby Buddy tooth tissues.
  2. Ensure healthy teeth by brushing as soon as they arrive. This also helps your child form healthy habits.
  3. Do not put your child to sleep with a milk or juice bottle. Sugars in those drinks can cause tooth decay.
  4. Give your your child healthy foods! For your little one, who doesn’t know yet what a candy is, a piece of mango can be a delectable treat. 
  5. Visit the dentist regularly from one year old (that’s the recommendation my doctor gave.)

More about Baby Buddy Tooth Tissues: 

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  • Bubble Gum flavored
  • Made from bamboo
  • Sweetened with Xylitol
  • Invented by dentists
  • Fluoride free
  • Paraben free
  • For ages 0-16 months, or until back molars arrive
  • Certified Natural Product
  • Package sizes: 30 pack, or 100 pack individually wrapped

Proper dental hygiene and good health are one of the best gifts you can give your child – right from the start. Make sure you do what’s best for your child, and care for that smile from day one!


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