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Growing up in my house, you never missed Sunday dinner. In my family, my dad was the cook. And every Sunday he made our family a feast, he was always full of Sunday dinner ideas.

And, no matter where I, or my siblings were, we always made it home in time to sit-down to the fabulous feast my father arranged. In fact, several of our close friends would join us every Sunday too. I remember one particular Sunday my friend Pam and I were coming home from a camping trip and the car broke down and the way home. All Pam and I could think about was getting home in time for the Sunday dinner! Needless to say, we walked over three-miles and made it just in time. Dad had served one of my favorites, friend chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. Homemade mac and cheese, corn on the cob, homemade white bread and chocolate cake for dessert. Fried Chicken, Sunday Dinner ideas Over the years my family has scattered in different states. We haven’t had Sunday dinner with my father in years. I miss it terribly. At the beginning of 2013 I vowed I would bring Sunday dinner home to my immediate family. However, this day in age it’s a bit harder to get the family together to sit down at the same time every week. My kiddos are always on the go. But, the few times they were home on Sunday for dinner was enough to make them never want to miss our Sunday family tradition again. Just like my father, regardless of who showed up, dinner would be served with or without all the family members. And just like my father, I allowed the kids to each bring a friend to Sunday dinner without notice. Therefore, I had to make sure I made enough regardless of any RSVP’s. Our first Sunday Dinner I make spaghetti with meat balls, garlic bread, salad and cannoli for dessert. It was a big hit with my family. And I felt like carrying on my fathers family tradition! I love finding new Sunday Dinner Ideas. What’s your families Sunday tradition?  lemoncilo cup-cakes-Sunday dinner ideas Sunday dinners are about family, love and comfort food. It’s a perfect way to catch up with each family member and hear about their previous, and upcoming week. And there’s always lots of  laughter around the table on Sunday. I’ve complied a some of our favorite Sunday dinner recipes I severed the family this year and thought I’d share them with you. And, with the year coming to a close soon, we’ll be making a list of new Sunday dinner comfort foods to server in 2014 so be sure to check back for more great recipes and tips for keeping a beautiful family tradition going for generations.  

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