has an amazing collection of Fun, Colorful Kid’s Apparel & Travel Gear.


If you haven’t had a chance to check out, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I can only say, you are really missing out on some incredible kid products!

Stephen Joseph is well known by parents  for their colorful, cool, kid products and once your children get a hold of one I’m sure they will be just as happy as mom!

It won’t matter if you decided to purchase Backpacks, Bags,  Sleeping Bags, Raincoats, Boots , Umbrellas, or any other product.  Their product line will have you amazed at the styles, designs, personalization, and quality! You can order any product for any occasion!

Do you know that  Stephen Joseph also offers a nice assortment of wooden toys? Today I will share with you 5 Top Picks that would be great for any child.

 1) We have their Ballet Stephen Joseph Quilted Duffle Bag-Monogrammed These fantastic grab-and-go Stephen Joseph Quilted Duffels are perfect for your child’s after school club needs. With two over-the-shoulder straps and a huge compartment, they’re easy to fill up with their soccer kit, ballet outfits, swim gear and so much more.

2) Next we have this cool Race Car Stephen Joseph Lunch Box-Monogrammed

Pack your little one’s lunch with this cute lunch box. They will be excited to see what Mom has packed for their lunch that day. Load this lunch box up with plenty of goodies since it is so spacious within, plus this lunch box has a handy Velcro loop to keep their drink safe and secured.

3) Next we have one of their Umbrellas from their wide selection of rain gear.

How cute right! This cute umbrella will have your son singing in the rain for sure! They can be safe from the rain with this fun, colorful umbrella. No worries this umbrella will definitely keep them dry and once they are finished, they can close, store , and place away until that next rainy day!

4) How about a Sippy Cup.



How about a cute sippy cup for your little one that can wiggle, wobble, but it won’t fall down. What a cool, innovative sippy cup! Toddlers have a habit of spilling things on themselves, on mom, on the person across the street… but not the contents of this cup. It’s got a cleverly weighted rounded base, so no matter how hard they try to soak you, it’s going nowhere. The clever design doesn’t stop there – each one comes apart into three pieces that can be popped in the dishwasher.

Our last product from our 5 Top Pick is….drumroll please! Their Character Rolling Luggage



This travel buddy will be the talk of your travel experience because of its cool design and roomy space. Your child will be able to travel with all his necessities with ease, pack that favorite toy and grab those PJ’s, keep treats on hand, plus much more!  Each design is so irresistibly cute and colorful, your kid will love rolling it around the airport with the extendable handle. And when it’s time to come home, the case can double up as very cool under bed storage.

All these wonderful products can be found on the Stephen Joseph website.



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